Lark In The Clear Air waltz

Also known as Fuiseog Sna Gléigealspéir, The Lark In The Clear Air, The Tailor’s Son.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Lark In The Clear Air
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
d4-dB|G3/2F/2 FG EC|D4D/2E/2F|G2 (3ABc B2|A2d2dB|
G3/2F/2 FG EC|D4DE/2F/2|(3GAB E2AF|G4DE/F/|
G3F G/2A/2B/2c/2|d4e3/2d/2|dB GA Bd/2c/2|B2A2dB|
G3/2F/2 FG EC|D4DE/2F/2|(3GAB E2AF|G6||
X: 2
T: Lark In The Clear Air
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
a4-af | d3/c1/2 cd BG | A4 A/2B/2c | d2 (3efg f2| e2 a2 af |
d3/c/2 cd BG | A4 AB/2c/2 | (3def B2 ec | d4 AB/2c/2 |
d3 c d/2e/2f/2g/2 | a4 b3/a/2 | af de fa/2g/2| f2 e2 af |
d3/c/ cd BG | A4AB/2c/2 | (3def B2 ec| d6 |

Eleven comments

A great tune which brings back memories of Ciarán MacMathúna’s early morning RTE radio programme. It was also played on a recording by fiddle (or should I say violin) player, Geraldine O’Grady some years ago with a slightly classical flavour to it !

Reading this as a waltz

In reading this notation I find it difficult to see it as the air it is. The 3/4 would make the uninitiated to play this too fast and as a waltz.
Some time ago I wrote this down from a recording by Noel Pepper on mouth organ. To do it justice I found it best to count it in six beats to the bar (6/4) with occassional bars of 3/4 and 5/4.
I’ve just asked my eldest daughter (music teacher and oboeist) to compare the twonotations and to say which conveys the slower tempo. She suggested 6/4.
I’ll put the abc in shortly for comparison.

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It just might also help the Midi playback as well.

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Reading this as a Waltz

I am sure that you are right….. 6/4 with the occasional 3/4 and 5/4 bars does make more sense and when I first noted it down (without bars) it played OK. However, I thought that I ought to submit it with bars, so have effectively messed it up! Would be most grateful if someone better at ABC than me would sort it out and re-submit it! Thanks,

David Savage
(PS I guss that the MID would also sound better then too!)

Here it is in D; There’s a great sense of clear air-ity, clarity or clairty, in this lovely version by the Chieftains.

The tune here has nothing of an outer, life-like echo of a lark singing (on the wing in the light) but seems to externalise the inner resonance of that moment of serenity.

A skylark rises I
breathe in the mist I
walk on the clouds

Shiki Masaoka

This haiku is

usually translated as:

Trampling on clouds,
inhaling the mist,
the skylark soars


I prefer the later… Thanks BB! 🙂

Setting for Low D Whistle

I’ve just added a setting of the tune transposed into D so it can be played on the Low D whistle. Re. the waltz vs 6/4 thing - I too an new to ABC, but so long you play at about 50-60 bpm it should play OK.