The Silver Pin mazurka

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Silver Pin
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:A/ f>g|a>f d2 e>d|A>d f2 g>f|f>e e2 f>e|e>d d2 (3efg|
a>f d2 e>d|A>d f2 A>f|a>g e>A f>A|d2- d3/2:|
|:c/ (3cBA|A>e c>e A2|A>f d>f A2|A>g e>g A2|
[1 b>a ^g>a (3fed|A>e c>e A>e|A>f d>f A>f|a>g e>A f>A|d2- d3/2:|
[2 b>a ^g>a f>=g|a>f d2 e>d|A>d f2 (3Adf|a>g e>A f>A|d2- d3/2||
X: 2
T: The Silver Pin
R: mazurka
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
Ae ce Ae|Af df Af|Ag eg Ag|ba ^ga f=g|
af d2 ed|Ad f2 df|(3afd A2 fe|d4:|

Four comments

“The Silver Pin” ~ mazurka or waltz?

This is my take on it and it speaks as a mazurka to me. If you want another way with it then check out either Peter Kennedy or Michael Raven’s collecitons…for example ~

“Traditional Dance Music of Britain and Ireland: The Fiddler’s Tune-Book”
edited by Peter Kennedy
Mally Publications, 1994
ISBN: 1-899512-14-4

Page 33, tune #129: “The Silver Pin”

Peter Kennedy & “The Fiddler’s Tune-Book” / “The Second Fiddler’s Tune-Book”

Way back in the 50s Peter Kennedy edited and published two small A5 tunebooks, “The Fiddler’s Tune-Book” and “The Second Fiddler’s Tune-Book, 1951 & 1954. The above listed collection is these two books in one. Kennedy’s little books got around, and I suspect this tune came to me via that wide spreading influence, though I play it differently than he notated it, and I play it with the second ending he has notated as ‘standard’:

|: A |
Ae ce Ae | Af df Af | Ag eg Ag | ba ^ga f=g |
af d2 ed | Ad f2 df | (3afd A2 fe | d4 :|

I say these little books traveled with some inside knowledge to that fact. For awhile we dealt in the small business side of promoting this music and dance, selling, sometimes at a loss, as cheaply as we could. I know that copies of these books have ended up in Japan, China, Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, all over Europe and North America, and Mexico ~ but suspect even further… I’ve them in fiddle cases, accordion cases, backpacks miles from anywhere, out on lakes, the ocean, 3,500 meters / 10,000 feet and up…

They were circulated in camps and given as gifts, and I even know ‘stolen’, shop-lifted, but not by me. I have seen them with makeshift covers and with every colour of stain imaginable and unimaginable on the covers and pages, dog-eared, torn, and one that looked like someone had pulled a Harry Potter on it and stabbed the poor thing, burnt, dog chewed and missing bits by mysterious means…

I still have copies of the old A5 books, and I’ve given a few myself as gifts in the past.

Peter had his faults I suppose, we all do. We were once shorted close to 100 quid by him on an order we’d prepaid for, and never ordered direct from him again. I remember that because it was the only time in several years. The Irish stuff was always late, but nobody ever short changed us or cheated us on an order, there was just that one time, that one English order. He never made it right, but firmly believed and tried to cast blame on us instead. Maybe his memory failed him then, as it can anyone? But, I got his books and recordings by other means and we continued to distribute what we still count as valuable work. I did get back in touch with him many years later, never mentioning that past, and even offered to do work to try and get his resources and sources list compiled, edited and online, or any audio editing, re-mastering. Forgive and forget, or at least the previous, we all make mistakes and slip up and it wouldn’t have been the first time we’d had to swallow losses out of dedication and passion…

I hope Peter’s work continues to be available, and becomes more so. The rough field recordings he’d collected over time have given us much pleasure and continue to do so. I have also enjoyed his collections of music, his transcriptions. I wish I’d had the chance to share music more direct with the man, and maybe sit in a pub and share some chat, stories and concerns, which we did manage a little over email. I’ve no doubt, having felt the edge of what must have been a strong presence, that he was a character, and in general, that’s the sort of thing we tend to ‘eventually’ get along well with. They are what you see, a kind of honesty, even when it is wrong or deluded, that you can at least trust…

R.I.P. Peter, and thanks for the music…

Some of Peter’s collections are still on a clearance sale at Mally’s, for £2.95 a book, and there are some other great collections in that clearance as well ~
Clearance ~

Second Fiddler’s Tune Book

This is what got me going too, way back in 1970 or so. Still got my copy, dog eared and a bit ripped, and I still refer to it. Never yet found a copy of the First Fiddler’s Tune Book, though. Can anyone tell me where I can get a copy?