The Oak Leaf reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Oak Leaf
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
ag |:fB Bf ed cB |GB dB Ac ag |fB Bf ed cB |GB dB A2 ag |fB Bf
ed cB |GB dB Ac ag |fB Bf ed cB |1 ed cd B2 ag :|2 ed cd B2 zF ||
|:G2 GF GA B2 |Ac dc dc BA |G2 GF GA B2 |B2 AE F3 F |G2 GF
GA B2 |Ac dc dc de | fe df ed cA |1 B2 BA B2 z F:|2 B2 BA B2 z2||

Five comments

The Oak Leaf

This tune by Susan Conger of New England was found by my wife as she was looking for another reel on JC’s ABC tunefinder. I was surprised to not find a version of it here, and thought it might make a nice addition.
Anyway, we both flashed on it, so I thought others here might.

The Oak Leaf

Like it a lot!! First tune I learnt from this site…be honoured lol.

Posted .

Really cool, I like it a lot in a set right after Maggie’s Pancakes


This tune was actually written by Susie Secco, another western Mass. musician, not Susan Conger — see Susan Conger’s tune book Along the River, p. 40.

Oak Leaf

On The Moving Violations’ album "Faster Than A Walk" this tune is coupled with Catharsis.