Twenty-four recordings of Farewell To Chernobyl

Also known as A Farewell Chernobyl, Farewell To Cherbobyl, Farewell To Tchernobyl, Ferry’s, Fire In The Belly, Michel Ferry’s, Return From Tchernobyl, Return To Chernobyl, Trip To Chernobyl.

This tune has been recorded together with Tam Lin (a few times), Tommy’s Tarbukas (a few times), The Bag Of Spuds, Cahir’s Kitchen, The Cat In The Corner, Dan Breen’s, The Devil In The Strawstack, The Drunken Tinker, The Easy Club, Eddie Kelly’s, The Fairy Dance, Ger The Rigger, The Humours Of Westport, Islay Rant, John Brosnan’s, John Naughton’s, Julia Delaney’s, King Of The Pipers, MacLeod’s Farewell, Paddy On The Landfill, Popcorn Behaviour, Rainbow, Rakish Paddy, Reel Béatrice, The Steeplechase, The Tinker’s Apron.

  1. Alchymeia by Alchymeia
  2. Another Setting by The House Band
  3. Aye by Skelpaig
  4. Buzzin’ by Bumblebees
  5. Cut Up The Floor by Jigsaw
  6. Fired up Folklore by Katie Jane & Castletown
  7. Five Miles From Town by The Retrospectacles
  8. Flying On Home by Airdance
  9. Footprints by No I.D.
  10. Hawthorn by Carlos Plumley And Mike Herr
  11. Just As The Sun Was Setting by John Drury
  12. Live: Rough Around The Edges by Syncopaths
  13. Lose The Head by Garry Shannon
  14. Memoire Celte, Vol. 2 by Broken String
  15. My Joy by Hanneke Cassel
  16. Next Week by Jean-Christophe Girard & Antoine Leclercq
  17. Opus Blue by Catriona Macdonald And Ian Lowthian
  18. Pantomime Cannon by Threepenny Bit
  19. Percolatin’ by Coffee Zombies
  20. Presence by Catherine Fraser And Duncan Smith
  21. Signs by Kathryn Tickell Band
  22. Small Towns In Built Up Areas by Shane Hayes
  23. The Night Before by The Night Before
  24. The Winding Way by Michel Ferry And Antoine Leclercq