Two recordings of
Farewell To Chernobyl
Tommy’s Tarbukas

Farewell To Chernobyl (reel) is also known as A Farewell Chernobyl, Farewell To Cherbobyl, Farewell To Tchernobyl, Ferry’s, Fire In The Belly, Michel Ferry’s, Return From Tchernobyl, Return To Chernobyl, Trip To Chernobyl.

Tommy’s Tarbukas (reel) is also known as Bang On The Floor, Old Sparky, Tommy’s Darabuka, Tommy’s Darabukas, Tommy’s Darbuka, Tommy’s Darbukas, Tommy’s Tarabuka, Tommy’s Tarabukas, Tommy’s Tarboukas, Tommy’s Tarbuka.

Five Miles From Town by The Retrospectacles

  1. Farewell To Tchernobyl
  2. Tommy’s Tarbukas

Footprints by No I.D.

  1. Tommy’s Tarbukas
  2. The Drunken Tinker
  3. Trip To Chernobyl