Three recordings of a tune named
Farewell To Chernobyl
With a tune named
Tam Lin

Farewell To Chernobyl (reel) is also known as A Farewell Chernobyl, Farewell To Cherbobyl, Farewell To Tchernobyl, Ferry’s, Fire In The Belly, Michel Ferry’s, Return From Tchernobyl, Return To Chernobyl, Trip To Chernobyl.

Tam Lin (reel) is also known as An Glaschú, Ceilidh Funk, Feet Of The Dancer, Glasgow’s, The Gloria Scott, Howling Wind, Indian Points, The Low, The Sneaky Priest, Tam Lin’s, The Tam Lin, Tam Linn, Tam Linn’s, Tam Lyn, Tam Lyn’s, Tam Lynn’s, Tamalinn, Tamblin, The Tamlin, Tamlinn, Tamlins, Tamlyn, Tamlyn’s, Tamlynn’s, Tammlin, Tom Lyn’s.

Flying On Home by Airdance

  1. Tamlin
  2. Devil In The Strawstack
  3. Farewell To Tchernobyl

Opus Blue by Catriona Macdonald And Ian Lowthian

  1. Islay Rant
  2. Farewell To Tchernobyl
  3. Tam Lin

Pantomime Cannon by Threepenny Bit

  1. Tam Lin
  2. Popcorn Behavior
  3. Farewell To Chernobyl