The Damascus Drum reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Damascus Drum
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
"A"GA A/A/A BA^cd | "A"eAde ^c4 | "A"^cA A/A/A GABA | "A"A/A/A GA A4 |
"A"GA A/A/A BA^cd | "A"eAde g4 | "Dm"fd d/d/d "A"e^c c/c/c |1 "Bb"dB B/B/B "A"A4 :|]2 "Bb"dB B/B/B "A"^c4 |]
[|: "Dm"^cd d/d/d edfd | "Dm"d/d/d gd a4 | "Dm"a(3g/a/g/ fd "A"e^c c/c/c | "Bb"dB B/B/B "A"^c4 |
"Dm"^cd d/d/d edfd | "Dm"d/d/d gd a4 | "A"GA A/A/A A/A/A BA | "A"A/A/A GA A4 :|]
[|: "A"GA A/A/A BA^cd | "A"edgf e4 | "A"eAde ^cA A/A/A | "Gm"d(3^c/d/c/ BG "A"A4 |
"A"GA A/A/A BA^cd | "A"edgf e4 | "A"eAde gAaA | "A"A/A/A ga a4 :|]
[|: "Dm"ad d/d/d gdfd | "Dm"d/d/d fe "A"^c4 | "A"^cA A/A/A GABA | "A"A/A/A GA A4 |
"Dm"ad d/d/d gdad | "Dm"d/d/d ga a(3g/a/g/ fd | "Dm"d/d/d fe "A"^cc/c/ ce | "Bb"dB B/B/B "A"A4 :|]

Four comments

The Damascus Drum

©2006 Matt Seattle
Written for my favourite café, The Damascus Drum in Hawick
hence the mode, which is not really D minor but Makam Hijaz on A.
At certain times, in certain places, played by certain people, the tune develops into a vehicle for joy, and dancing is done.

Tis a fine cafe and a fine tune. And just like the Damascus Drum cafe, where time seems to stand still, so in the tune you can also lose oneself (but not in a musical sense, of course).
It’s kind of like the clothes shop in Mr Benn.Ain’t that so, Matt.

I suppose I should have said you can lose yourself or one can lose oneself just like what I have lost the use of my mother tongue, don’t you know.


This has changed in the playing, abc now updated