Roaring Water jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Roaring Water
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
FDD E3 | DEF GAB | ABc ded | cAF GAG |
FDD EFE | DEF GAB | ABc dcA | GED D3 :||
FDD A3 | (3ABc B AGF | G3 GFG | ABA FED |
FDD ADD | (3ABc A d2 B | cdc BAG | BAA A2 G :||
G3 GFG | B3 AFD | D3 AFD |
E3 DEF | G3 GFG |B3 AFD |
D3 AFD |1 E3 DEF :|2 E3 D2 B ||
cdc BAG | BAA A2G | FDD GEE |
FGA BAB | cdc BAG | BAA A2G |
FDD ADD |1 DEF G2 B :|2 DEF G (3ABc ||
d^cd AFA | cde d2 e | fAA gAA |
age cde |d3 AFA | cde d2 B |
cBc EFG |1 FGA B(3AB^c :|2 FGA BAG ||
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Roaring Waters

A great tune composed by the brilliant C

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Blue Idol

god I LOVE this album!!!! This tune is fab, although so are all the other, i’m SO addicted to it, lol..going to see Altan at cambridge folk in August hehehe…. Lizzy x

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Could you explain crans?

What does it sound like and/or look like in notation.



Buy the album and listen to the tune, and you’ll hear it in the very first bar.