Collis’s reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Collis's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
g2 dc BAGB|AFFE FG A2|BG G2 DG G2|FGAB cdef|
g2 dc BAGB|AFFE FG A2|BGBd g2 ge|1 fdcA GABd:|2 fdcA G3 A||
G2 dG eGdB|AFFE FGAc|BGBd g3 e|1 fdcA G2 GA:|2 fdcA G3 B||
dg g2 dg g2|f2 de fdcA|df f2 dfag|fddg fgaf|
dg g2 dg g2|fdcA FG A2|BGBd g2 ge|1 fdcA G3 B:|2 fdcA G3 A||
Bdd^c dedB|cBAB cABc|d2 ^cd fgag|fdcA GABc|
dG G2 DG G2|F2 DE FGAc|BGBd g2 ge|1 fdcA G3 A:|2 fdcA G4||
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My favourite flute reel. Will tell more later. Any one have a proper name for it ?

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Missed opportunity….

Kenny, I was speaking to Mich a couple of days back - he told me that at a session in Copenhagen, he heard a couple of musicians from the North of Ireland playing this tune - the bad news is, he didn’t ask them the name of the tune…

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Rings a bell…

Would it be off a Battlefield Band album? Anthem ftcm, perhaps?

Lovely tune though.

Kenny’s Favourite

This is my favourite flute reel ever. I heard it played at the Lorient festival in Brittany in 1983, as a flute duet by I think Deirdre Collis’s father and uncle. Great old-style Sligo flute playing, quite like Kevin Henry’s style. I’ve never heard the tune played or recorded anywhere since, and no one I’ve tried it out on has recognised it yet, far less come up with a title for it. I’m very happy to give it its’ original name if someone can identify it, but I don’t want to add it to the legion of “Gan Ainms”.
Nothing to do with “Battlefield Band” recordings , Danny, as far as I recall.

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Great reel in one word!

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The Actual name is Bogie’s Reel

This tune is often mislabeled as The Durrow Reel, but in fact it was composed by John Nolan, the great box player from the Bronx. He named it after the drummer in one of his previous bands, whose nickname was Bogie.

Belhavel Lough by Joe Liddy

Hi Kenny!
This tune is very similar to a tune I play by the great Joe Liddy called ‘Belhavel Lough’ - except this tune is in Aminor and not Gmajor! Seems to me to be the same tune?

The notes for it are here:

Hope that helps in some way!


Thank you, Orlaith - the similarities are quite remarkable - it’s undoubtedly the same tune, but the thing is , which came first ? As mentioned above, I have a recording of the Collis brothers playing the “G” tune in 1983. Is it known when Joe Liddy came up with his reel ?

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Belhavel Lough

“Belhavel Lough” was published in 1981 in Joe Liddy’s book ‘The Leitrim Fiddler’.

Re: Collis’s

I’ve re-named this as “Collis’s” reel, in keeping with the Irish tradition of naming a “Gan Ainm” after your source.

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Re: Collis’s

@Kenny, have you published your 1983 recording of the reel anywhere?

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Re: Collis’s

Not yet, but will soon. Watch this space.

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