Three Knocks To The Noggin reel

Also known as A Three Egg Omelette, The Three Egg Highland Fling.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Three Knocks To The Noggin
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|: Ag | fdAF ~G3 B | AF F/F/F EFDF | fdAF ~G2 GB | Adcd ed :|
c/d/B | A2 fA gAfA | ~A2 fA ge c/d/B | A2 fA gAfA | ge c/d/B ge d/c/B |
A2 fA gAfA | ~A2 fA gece | ~g3 a bAaA | gA e/d/c d2 ||

Five comments

"Three Knocks to the Noggin"

I’m counting myself lucky. My dear wife, not particularly tall, climbed up on some cupboards, wearing inappropriate bright pink slippery sandals, to put letters up in her primary school this Monday, the first day back, but minus the children. From on high she slipped and lost at least 20 minutes of time as a result. When she was handed over to me the description I gave her swellings was eggs ~ 1 duck sized on the upper side of her head, a goose egg on her jaw, and a chicken’s egg on the back of her head. Luckily a table caught her fall, the first two eggs, Duck and Goose, before the back of her head found the concrete floor. Why in the hell do schools have such rediculous builds, concrete? Why not cushioned linoleam? Anyway, I have been nursing her ever since, after rushing her to the hospital to confirm her pupils were reactive and she could answer simple questions… She could ask them at least, repeating regularly, "What day is it?"

This little ditty just slipped out while I was preparing a twist on a standard comfort food ~ mash… 😏

"Three Knocks to the Noggin" ~ highland fling

X: 2
T: Three Knocks To The Noggin
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: highland fling
K: D Major
|: A>g |
f>dA>F (3GGG G>B | A>F (3FFF E>FD>F |
f>d (3AGF G2 G>B | A>dc>d e>d :|
(3cdB |
A2 f>A g>Af>A | (3AAA f>A g>e (3cdB |
A2 f>A g>Af>A | ge (3cdB g>e (3dcB |
A2 f>A g>Af>A | (3AAA f>A g>ec>e |
(3ggg (3fga b>Aa>A | g>A (3edc d2 ||

For those who asked, thanks, my dear wife is recovering well, started back teaching this week, primary school 1st & 2nd years, but the dark purple and orangish areas where she hit table and floor are still there and impressive…

Serves her right for showing off and doing cartwheels in front of the kids.

I just can’t understand it, why is she convinced she can fly? I’m just glad she didn’t try to take off from a higher vantage point than a school cupboard… I’ll have to make a point of keeping her away from the top of buildings or cliffs ~ or at least keeping close… 😉