Franklin’s hornpipe

By Padraig O’Broin

Also known as Cornphíopa Franklin.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Franklin's
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
A|:Beaf gedB|(3ABA GF G3 A|(3Bce af gedB|cegf d3 A|
Beaf gedB|GA (3BAG E2 (3DEF|G2 eB cAGF|G2 GF G3 A:|
Bgfg egdB|(3ABA GF G3 A|Bgfg egdc|(3BcB AG A3 B|
Bgfg (3efe dB|GA (3BAG E2 (3DEF|G2 eB cAGF|1 G2 GF G3 A:|2 G2 GF G4||
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Two comments


Composed by guitar and bouzouki-player Padraig O’Broin, and recorded by the trio “Calua” of which he was a member. An unusual tune, but one I’ve always liked, pity if it never got off the CD, so here it is.
The CD sleeve notes say :
“composed in honour of Pat Franklin, proprietor of “Betty’s Bar”, Strand Street, Tralee. Musicians are made welcome – no more need be said”.

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Franklin’s - Some more info

Thanks Kenny, for your kind comments about the tune, and for posting it here.

The version on the CD is slightly different from the way it was originally written. If/when I have a minute I’ll post the ABC of my version here.

As a sad footnote to the extract from the CD sleeve note above, Pat Franklin passed away a while back. I lived in Tralee from ’93 to ’96 and Pat was unique in that town at that time, being a publican who actually liked, encouraged and welcomed Irish music (and the Irish language) in his premises.