Step It Out Joe barndance

By Charlie Lennon

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One setting

X: 1
T: Step It Out Joe
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DE|:G2 (3GGG G2 DE|GABc dBdB|A2 (3AAA A2 gA|(3AAA eg gedB|
G2 (3GGG GEDE|GABd dBdB|A2 (3Bcd e2 af|1 gedB AEDE:|2 gedB BA A2||
abaf g3e|dBAd BE (3EEE|GEDE GABd|dBdB A2 (3Bcd|
[1eaaf g3e|dBAG E4|DEGA B2 (3ddB|dBAB G4:|
[2eaab gabg|agef gfga|bage ageg|dBAd BE (3EED||
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I have transcribed this barndance from the DVD ‘Geantrai’ TG4
it’s Charlie Lennon (fiddle) and Johnny Óg Connolly (accordeon) who is playing. It’s the first, in a set of two - the second is ‘Murphy the Big Man’, maybe that one comes later…………….

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“Step it Out Joe” ~ another Charlie Lennon composition!?

I don’t have either recording to check the notes for this set but this has Charlie Lennon’s ways of composition about it. I suspect both barndances may be his. Maybe someone else can confirm that? 😏

Yes ceolachan they both are.

Thanks dinn, much appreciated. It is good to give credit where it is deserved…

“Step it Out Joe” ~ a composition by Charlie Lennon

Does anyone know the story behind the title? Who’s Joe?

Apologies for not being sure how to spell his surname, but I believe it refers to Joe Neachtainn who is a sean-nos step dancer living round Galway last I heard. He came to Aberdeen about 6 years ago with a bunch of musicians including Des Cafferkey and Johnny Moynihan promoting a beer from a Dublin micro-brewery called “Darcy’s”.
Joe also appears doing his thing on one of Harry Bradley’s CDs.
At least I think I read somewhere that he’s the Joe referred to
[ but could be wrong ]. “Step it out” certainly fits for Joe.

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Seosamh O’Neachtain - see your own comments to Harry’s “As I Carelessly Did Stray”, ceolachan. Best wishes to Mrs “c” for a speedy recovery.

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Thanks Kenny, you’ve come through again, appreciated. That ‘Joe’, I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing this dancer but I have enjoyed his percussive steps by ear, as you’ve mentioned. Someday I hope to see it as well. I am particularly fond of well thought out and respectful percussion, whether skin pulled tight around a rim and beat with a stick or the hand, or underneath the foot and sounding off the floor… 😉

Joes seems to be on the latest recording of Johnny Connolly Sr. too. When I had a chat with him, he told me he was back home in Connemara, occasionally touring around the world. He’s a lovely box player too.

Sorry, Joe.

Seosamh O’Neachtain ~ Joe ~ courtesy of dinn:

“The first tune in Gmajor is dedicated to Seosamh Ò Neachtain,the sean nòs dancer from Spiddal,Connemara, who can create a flow of steps which match in an unique way the nuances of a given dance tune.The piece was originallywritten for viola,but alsoworks well on the fiddle in the lower octave. ~ “

# Posted on September 14th 2007 by dinn2
(in the ‘comments’ for other barndance “Murphy the big Man”)