My Love Is In America reel

Also known as The Dandy Apron, Jenny Hind’s, My Love Is In Amerikay, My Love She’s In America.

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Seven settings

X: 1
T: My Love Is In America
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
F3 G AB=cB|Addc defg|afge dfed|cAGE FD D2:|
|:fdeg fdec|Addc Addg|fdeg fdec|GBAG FDDg|
fdeg fdec|Addc defg|afge dfed|cAGE FD D2:|
X: 2
T: My Love Is In America
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:F3G AB=cB|Ad d2 Ad d2|FEFG AB=cA|GBAG FD D2|
F3G AB=cB|Addc defg|af (3gfe fdAF|1 GBAG FDDE:|2 GBAG FDDg||
;fd (3efg fdec|Ad d2 Adde|fdeg fdAF|GBAG FDDe|
fdeg fdec|Addc defg|afge fdAF|1 GBAG FDDg:|2 GBAG FDDE||
|:FEFG AB=cB|Add=c Ad d2|FD (3EFG AB=cA|GAAG FDDE|
FD (3EFG AB=cB|Addc d2 (3efg|a2 (3gfe fd=cA|GBAG FDDE||
FEFG AB=cB|Addc defg|af (3gfe fdAF|GBAG FDDg||
|:fd d2 ed d2|Ad d2 Ad d2|fd d2 ed=cA|GBAG FDDg|
fded fdec|Addc defg|af (3gfe fdAF|GBAG FD D2||
;fd (3efg fdec|Ad d2 Adde|fdeg fdAF|GBAG FDDe|
fdeg fdec|Addc defg|afge fdAF|GBAG FD D2||
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X: 3
T: My Love Is In America
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
|:E|FEFG ABcB|Ad~d2 fdAd|~F2FG ABcA|GcAG FDDE|
FDGE ABcB|Add^c defg|afge fdAF|GcAG FDD:|
|:g|fded fde^c|Ad~d2 Ad~d2|fded fdAF|~G2GA FDDg|
fded fdcB|Add^c defg|afge fdAF|GcAG FDD:|
X: 4
T: My Love Is In America
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:F3G A2=cB|Ad d2 fded|F3 G A2 =cB|dAAG FDDE|
F3 G A2 =cB|Addc defg|afge fdec|ABAG FD D2:|
f3 g fdec|Ad d2 Ad d2|f3 g fdec|ABAG FD D2|
f3 g fdec|Addc defg|(3agf ge fdec|ABAG FD D2|
(3agf ge fdec|Ad d2 Add2|(3fde fg fdec|ABAG FDD2|
f3 g fdec|Addc defg|(3agf ge fdec|ABAG FD D2||
X: 5
T: My Love Is In America
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
|:[D3d3]E FEFG|AcGc Addc|A,DDE FAdB|cAGE EDCD|
A,DDE FEFG|AcGc Adde|efec dcAB|cAGE EDDE:|
|:[D3d3]B c2Bc|AddB cAGc|AddB cccA|GEcE EDDc|
AddB c2Bc|AddB cAGA|efec dcAB|cAGE EDDc:|
X: 6
T: My Love Is In America
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmix
"D"FEFG ABcB|Add^c defg|afge fdAF|1 "C"GBAG "D"FDDE:|2 "C"GBAG "D"FDDe||
|:"D"fdeg fde^c|Add^c Adde|fdeg fdAF|"C"GBAG FDDe|
"D"fdeg fde^c|Add^c defg|afge fdAF|1 "C"GBAG "D"FDDe:|2 "C"GBAG "D"FDDE||
X: 7
T: My Love Is In America
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
EFFG AB=cB|Addc defg|afge fdAF|GBAG FDDE|
EFFG AB=cB|Add/c/c defg|afg/f/e fdAF|GBAG FDDg|
|:fdeg fdec|Addc Addg|fdeg fdAF|GBAG FDDe|
~f2fg fdec|Add/c/c defg|a/g/fge fdAF|1 GBAG FDDg:|2 GBAG FDD2||

Twenty-six comments

The contrast between the natural C and the sharp C in the first part of this tune creates a nice mood.

Because of this "blue" touch you could play this tune as a slow, moody piece. Still, it’s a lot of fun to play at a good, fast session pace.

I’ve included some variations for the opening F phrase in the first part of the tune.

My Love is in America

One of the great Johnny Doran reels!

3rd part

like a variation on part 1:
FDFG A2dG GGdG GGDg, etc …

I love this one after Dr. Gilberts.

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I’ve heard this also done nicely between Banshee and Ships are Sailing

Although it has some C sharps, I think the mood of the tune is Dmix rather than D major.

Piping Version

X: 1
T: My Love Is In America
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
K: Dmaj
|:F3G AB=cB | Ad d2 Ad d2 |FEFG AB=cA |GBAG FD D2 |
F3G AB=cB |Addc defg |af(3gfe fdAF |1 GBAG FDDE :|2 GBAG FDDg||
|;fd(3efg fdec |Ad d2 Adde |fdeg fdAF |GBAG FDDe |
fdeg fdec |Addc defg |afge fdAF |1 GBAG FDDg :|2 GBAG FDDE ||
|:FEFG AB=cB |Add=c Ad d2 |FD(3EFG AB=cA |GAAG FDDE |
FD(3EFG AB=cB |Addc d2 (3efg |a2 (3gfe fd=cA |GBAG FDDE ||
|:FD D2 AD D2 |dD D2 AD D2 |FDAD FD D2 | GBAG FD D2 |
FEFG AB=cB |Addc defg |af(3gfe fdAF | GBAG FDDg ||
|:fd d2 ed d2 | Ad d2 Ad d2 | fd d2 ed=cA |GBAG FDDg |
fded fdec |Addc defg | af (3gfe fdAF |GBAG FD D2 ||
|;fd(3efg fdec |Ad d2 Adde |fdeg fdAF |GBAG FDDe |
fdeg fdec |Addc defg |afge fdAF | GBAG FD D2 ||

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There’s a transcription of the Doran version in the book Free Spirits , about traveller pipers and other musicians. pub 2012. Great book go on Johhny Doran website

Does anyone know the origins of the tune?

It was on a 1930s 78 by Westeath accodion player Michael Grogan born. 1880 and it’s in ONeill

The Fiddler’s Companion - Andrew Kuntz

"The earliest printing of this very popular reel appears to be in Levey’s Dance Music of Ireland, 2nd Collection (1873), wherein it is set as a hornpipe."

I have the Levey collection somewhere here and if I can find it I’ll add that hornpipe transcription…

"The Dance Music of Ireland, Second Collection" - R.M. Levey

What a kick, I think it is actually a transcription for a highland fling, but mistakenly repeating the B-part, the A-part actually being the usual 8 bars, or 4 bars repeated. I think I’ll add this seperately and then make the links.

"My Love Is In America" ~ swung and 16 bars

Submitted on May 31st 2012 by ceolachan.

As promised, and you’ll find the Levey transcription in the comments…

My Love Is In America, Setting #3

Ah, I love that Tony MacMahon clip.
I think this is more or less the basic melody line, with only two minor variations shown in bars 5 and 12. Also, I’ve transcribed it in Dmix instead of Cmix.

Lovely reel!! It reminds me of another reel in which there is also an intriguing contrast in the use of C and C sharp, "Farewell to Connaught". I´ll sit down and try if these reels go together well in one set.

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Re: My Love Is In America

Is anyone else familiar with a possible Donegal setting of this tune, with some elements from Tuttle’s reel and with an extra half-beat/foot-tap in the first part?

Something like this:
A,DDE =FEFG|ABcA defg|afge fdAF|GBAG FDCD:|
||fdeg fdec|Addc Adde|fdeg fdAF|GBAG FDDg|
fdeg fdec|Addc defg|afge fdAF|GBAG =FDCD||

Where exactly the line should be isn’t important, but as you can see, the first four measures of the A-part have nine "half-beats" instead of eight. I picked it up from the Byrne family in Glencolmcille.

My Love Is In America, X:4

Taken from ‘A Fine Selection of Over 200 Irish Traditional Tunes for Sessions’, compiled by David Speers with a Forward by Matt Cranitch. I love the way this tune wanders between D Mix and D maj. This setting has a few variations in the second part.

My Love Is In America, X:5

Hesitating between DMajor or Dmix ?
Here is a Ddor setting as played by Ciaran Tourish accompanied by Kevin Doherty on their CD "Hotel Fiesta" !
You can here it here

Note that transposing it to F#dor, so as to have the same F# at the beginning of the tune, is interesting to view how a melody can "swing/switch" from one mode to another.

Re: My Love Is In America

@didier: That is a different tune, known as Tuttle’s (among other names - see ). The two tunes are clearly related (along with The Dunmore Lasses) but I suspect this may be a case of mistaken identity - even musicians of the calibre of Ciarán Tourish sometimes get titles wrong.

My Love Is In America, X:7

My own tenor banjo version from early sessions in St. Albans, which now looks like a mash-up of existing offerings.
No other provenance, although the late Mick Moriarty R.I.P. did once comment that he liked it.