The Carraroe jig

Also known as An Ċeaṫrú Rua, An Cheathrú Rua, Ballinakill.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: The Carraroe
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
DED F2A|dfe d2A|BAF Adf|
afd e2f|DED F2A|dfe d2A|
~B3 AFA|1 dAF E2F:|2 dAF E2D||
dfa afa|bge edB|dfa afa|
bge efe|dfa afa|bge edB|
d2B AFA|1 dAF E2D:|2 dAF E2F||
X: 2
T: The Carraroe
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:DED F2A|dfe d2A| BdB AFA|dAF E2F|
DED F2A|dfe d2A|BdB Adf| afd e2f:|
|:dfa afa|bge edc|dfa afa|bge efe|
dfa afa|bge edB| d2B AFA|1 dAF E2D:|2 dAF E2F||
X: 3
T: The Carraroe
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:DED F2A|dfe d2A| B/c/dB Adf|afd e2f|
DED F2A|dfe d2A|B/c/dB AFA| dAF E2D:||
|:dfa afa|bge edB|dfa afa|bge efe|
dfa afa|bge edB| d2B AFA|1 dAF E2D:|2 dAF E2F||
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Eighteen comments

Goes well with "Over the Ocean"

"Over the Ocean"? Or "Out on the Ocean"? In either case, I’m not a big fan of Martin Hayes and would rather play Battering Ram after it. Compare "Scotsman Over the Border":

Carraroe Jig / Out on the Ocean

A set popularised by a 1959 recording All Ireland Champions Violin but a more established set (also with Clare origins, I think, maybe Joe Cooley):

Queen of the Fair / Carraroe

You know slainte, I could nearly kiss you for that link. Thanks very very very much!!

Paddy, I got the link from "ceolachan," so hug and kiss him.

Have you seen the rest of that site? What a resource! Mixture of Irish, Cape Breton, Blues music, etc. Incredible that someone would put all that together.

Juneberry 78s: Early American Roots Music

Yes it has come up on site here a lot, also recommended by yours truly, and I had sworn I’d added it to the ‘Links’, but it isn’t there. It is on my ‘details’ page with some other 78 sources… I’d better go search links again and if it isn’t there I’ll add it… 😏

Damn, I did, but I screwed up and posted it in a way that you can’t do a search using ‘Juneberry’ or ’78s’. I’ll have to see if Jeremy can remedy it. It doesn’t seem to offer an ‘edit’ feature…

The Carraroe

Perhaps stating the obvious, but this tune has an identical ‘b’ part to ‘The Scotchman over the border’.

The Carraroe

Further Christina’s comments — the A part of this tune seems to be just a sort of variation on the A part of Scotsman Over the Border. Coincidence, perhaps, except that the B part appears essentially identical. I gather Carraroe is a town in County Galway, so maybe that’s where this Scotsman ended up after crossing that border!

See Blue Bonnets Over the Border for provenance

Carraroe House was where the pianist on the Itrish Champions LP lived.

The Carraroe Jig

Martin Mulvihill called this "The Portrowe Jig" and, as Michael mentioned above, it’s part of a large family of tunes which includes "Scotsman Over the Border", "Blue Bonnets Over the Border" "Blue Bonnets Jig" and so on. Further back in time, one possible mother to all of these tunes is "O Dear Mother What Shall I Do" (found in e.g. McGibbon’s Collection 1742). Off-shoots to that tune include "The Braes of Auchtertyre", which pops up in Ireland under a few guises including "The Belles of Tipperary" and "The New Policeman" and in the US as "Billy In the Low Ground".