An Dro Mouy’ton Mayo reel

By Jacky Molard

Also known as En Dro Mouy’ton Mayo, En Dro Mouytonmayo, Mouilles Ton Maillot, Mouy’ton Mayo.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: An Dro Mouy'ton Mayo
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
"Em"E2GF E2ED|EAGF E2ED|"F"=FAcd "Em"B2AG|"F"=FAcA "G"BAG^F|
"Em"E2GF E2ED|EAGF E2ED|"F"=FAcd "Em"B2AG|"D"FE"C"DC "B7"B,4:|
"G"GABG "D/A"A2FD|"G"GdcB "D/F#"AGFD|"Em"E2BB AGFE|"D"DD"C"CA, "B7"B,4:|
# Added by Mario .
X: 2
T: An Dro Mouy'ton Mayo
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
"Bm"B2dc B2BA|Bedc B2BA|"c"=cega "Bm"f2ed|"c"=cege "d"fed^c|
"Bm"B2dc B2BA|Bedc B2BA|"c"=cega "Bm"f2ed|"A"cB"G"AG "f7"F4:|
|:"d"defd "A/e"e2cA|"d"dagf "A/c#"edcA|"Bm"B2ff edcB|"A/c"ABce "d"d2cd|
"d"defd "A/e"e2cA|"d"dagf "A/c#"edcA|"Bm"B2ff edcB|"A"AA"G"GE "f7"F4:|

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En Dro ‘Mouy’ton Mayo’

This is a Breton En Dro (or An Dro), written by Pennou Skulm fiddler Jacky Molard, recorded on and transcribed from the album ‘Fest Noz’

On the album, they play the tune at a faster pace than you would usually hear an En Dro being played at a Fest Noz (mind the dancers!), giving it an almost Reel-like quality.

The chord change between Em and F is a real cracker!

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All that outlandish stuff…

I really hope you don’t mind me submitting up all that non-irish stuff to the tune database…

We do actually play quite al ot of the tunes (French, Breton, Swedish and Balkan tunes) at our sessions (especially in Hannover!).

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Damn German musicians, you’re so multi-national… I love it… 😎

Note on tempo, the recording was, as I remember it, sped up in production too…at least the recordings I have, much too fast for a decent dance…

En Dro ‘Mouy’ton Mayo’

What does the name mean (I gather the En Dro is the named of the dance) - something about sheep?

Mayo Mutton? 🙂 (‘mouton’)

En Dro ‘Mouy’ton Mayo’

"Mayo Mutton" ….
so sheep from Mayo, sheep with mayonnaise (no gerkin please), big sheep, my sheep …… Baah 🙂


Yeah, I figure this is the linguistic session… 🙂

Honestly, I don’t have the foggiest notion what it could possibly mean. It’s Breton, and I take it that the real meaning has nothing to do with what the (however) familiar look of the words might suggest.

Never mind, the tune rocks and that’s what matters. One day someone in a session in Lorient will tell me what it actually means, so I’ll let you all know.

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Howdy Mario, is it Breton? I’m not finding anything close or comparable in my Breton sources for that first bit ~ mouy’, but it could be French ‘dialect’… ‘ton’ could also just be that, ‘tune’, leaving Mouy’ to be figured out… 😏 Who ever makes it back to Brittany first can ask the locals. Hey, we have a few of them on site here regularly. Maybe this bit of honey will bring them around, eh?

For pipes and flute this might be a solution:
X: 1
T: An Dro Mouy’ton Mayo
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
R: reel
"Bm"B2dc B2BA|Bedc B2BA|"c"=cega "Bm"f2ed|"c"=cege "d"fed^c|
"Bm"B2dc B2BA|Bedc B2BA|"c"=cega "Bm"f2ed|"A"cB"G"AG "f7"F4:|
|:"d"defd "A/e"e2cA|"d"dagf "A/c#"edcA|"Bm"B2ff edcB|"A/c"ABce "d"d2cd|
"d"defd "A/e"e2cA|"d"dagf "A/c#"edcA|"Bm"B2ff edcB |"A"AA"G"GE "f7"F4:|
the last bar could be played also like |AA Be ~f3 d|

mario, what is the original key/mode?

Funny bretons

It is a pun,

“Mouilles ton maillot” this expression means “to work hard, to sweat with work”

When one is called Jacky Molard, Maillot is written “Mayo" inevitably.

So funny is the voice preceding the tune on Pennou Skoulm recording.

"A quelle heure vous faites les andros" (“When play you to them andros?”).

That feels lived.

Swisspiper: just as i’ve transcribed it: E-Minor.

Hi Fred, thanks for shedding light on this. So it’s written the way it is pronounced?

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Mouille ton maillot


I still can’t see what that French stuff is doing here, if tunes from every region of the country is downloaded here there won’t be any room for the Irish, Scots, Québecois tunes for which this site was intended for…
"Mouille ton maillot" is French and means something like "Get your shirt wet (from dancing of course)"

Other roots tunes

"there won’t be any room for the Irish, Scots, Québecois tunes for which this site was intended .."

Oooohhh nooo … are we running out of space?!

I always look here as the first resource for session tunes. I’m afraid that the sessions I go to aren’t "Pure Drop" and I really appreciate it when people post these tunes from other roots that crop up at sessions and give them a lift. (why should you include Scots and Quebecois but exclude Breton, Welsh ….etc)

The ‘pure drop’ ~

Huh? What are Scots & Québecois music doing here. This is supposed to be an I.T.M. site exclusively… Where are the tune police when we need them? Oh damn, I’m one, I forgot my uniform. Hey spin, am I supposed to be jingoistic and start bashing anything that isn’t certifiably Irish? Oh damned, that’s an impossible task, there’s all those borrowed melodies, and ~ damn, are mazurkas OK, are polkas? Aren’t those dreaded foreign influence, and someone said hornpipes are English, damn, damn, damn. I’m going to resign my post. I can’t possibly deal with this… It’s impossible… 😎

Ooohh…I can feel them Bourrées coming….Deux temps? Trois temps?

Oh my, this will be the day St. Chartier hit The Session…is this something like Godzilla vs. King Kong? ;)

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More like Mothra! ~ 😉

Coming to the big screen again this year:

Mosura tai Gojira (Mothra vs. Godzilla)

Come and see the smash hit from 1964!

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Irish music?

So if hornpipes come from England, jigs from Baroque music, polkas and mazurkas from central Europe and reels from Scotland. What else is for ITM? Barndances?… 🙂
Enjoy good music where ever comes from…