One recording of a tune named
Queen Of The Fair
With a tune named
Sonny Brogan’s

Queen Of The Fair (jig) is also known as The Queen Of The Fair.

Sonny Brogan’s (jig) is also known as Bill Hart’s, Brother Gildas, Brother Gildas’, The Brother’s, Did You See My Man Looking For Me?, Monk’s, The Monk’s, Padraig O’Keefe’s, Port An Bhrathair, Port An Bhráthair, Port An Bráthar, Port Padraig Na Cara, Port Padraig Na Carra, Port Sonny Brogan, Rev. Bros, Reverend Brother’s, The Reverend Brother’s, The Reverend’s Daughter, Rose Flanagan’s, Sonny Brogan’s Fancy, Sonny Broghan’s Fancy, Sword’s Castle.

The New Blackthorn Stick by Andy Lamy

  1. High Part Of The Road
  2. Monk’s
  3. Queen Of The Fair