An Dro Moyland reel

Also known as En Dro Moyland, Suite D’en Dro.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: An Dro Moyland
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:"Em"EG/A/ "G"B>A "Bm"Bd "Em"e2|ed/c/ "Bm"B>A "D"FA "Em"GF|
"Em"EG/A/ "G"B>A "Bm"Bd "Em"e2|ed/c/ "Bm"B>G "D"FG "Em"E2:|
|:"Em" B/c/B/A/ "D"FF/A/ "Bm"FF/A/ "Em"BG|B/c/B/A/ "D"FF/A/ "Bm"Bd "Em"BA|
"Em" B/c/B/A/ "D"FF/A/ "Bm"FF/A/ "Em"BG|B/c/B/A/ "D"FF/A/ B/A/G/F/ "Em"E2:|
X: 2
T: An Dro Moyland
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:"Em"EB BA/B/ "D"cB AF/G/|"C" AF BA/G/ "B7"FE FG|
"Em"EB BA/B/ "D"cB AF/G/|"C" AF BA/G/ "B7"F/E/F/G/ E2:|
|:"Em"EE/E/ "D"FF/F/ "Em"EE/E/ "D"F>G|AF "E"BA/G/ "D"FE/F/ "E"GF|
"Em"EE/E/ "D"FF/F/ "Em"EE/E/ "D"F>G|AF "E"BA/G/ "D"F/E/F/G/ "E"E2:|
|:"Em"EG/A/ "G"B>A "Bm"Bd "Em"e2|ed/c/ "Bm"B>A "D"FA "Em"GF|
"Em"EG/A/ "G"B>A "Bm"Bd "Em"e2|ed/c/ "Bm"B>G "D"FG "Em"E2:|
|:"Em" B/c/B/A/ "D"FF/A/ "Bm"FF/A/ "Em"BG|B/c/B/A/ "D"FF/A/ "Bm"Bd "Em"BA|
"Em" B/c/B/A/ "D"FF/A/ "Bm"FF/A/ "Em"BG|B/c/B/A/ "D"FF/A/ B/A/G/F/ "Em"E2:|
X: 3
T: An Dro Moyland
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
|:EB BA/B/|cB AF/G/|AF BA/G/|F/G/E/F/ GF|
EB BA/B/|cB AF/G/|AF BA/G/|F/E/F/G/ E2:|
EE FG/F/|EE F>G|AF BA/G/|F/E/F/G/ E2:|
EB B>A|GE E2|AG FE|D/E/F/D/ E2:|
|:E/F/G/F/ E/F/G/F/|E/F/G/A/ BB|D/E/F/E/ D>E|FA GF/G/|
E/F/G/F/ E/F/G/F/|E/F/G/A/ BB|D/E/F/G/ F>A|GF E2:|
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Suite d’en Dro

That’s the second part of the "Suite d’en Dro" as played by slΓ‘inte of Swtzerland for many years now. WE learned it from the band Moyland from nort-west Germany.

The whole 4 parts are repeated, many times, as this is real old time RAVE music.

T:Suite d’en dro
||:"Em"EB BA/B/ "D"cB AF/G/|"C" AF BA/G/ "B7"FE FG|
| "Em"EB BA/B/ "D"cB AF/G/|"C" AF BA/G/ "B7"F/E/F/G/ E2:||
||:"Em"EE/E/ "D"FF/F/ "Em"EE/E/ "D"F>G|AF "E"BA/G/ "D"FE/F/ "E"GF|
| "Em"EE/E/ "D"FF/F/ "Em"EE/E/ "D"F>G|AF "E"BA/G/ "D"F/E/F/G/ "E"E2:||
||:"Em"EG/A/ "G"B>A "Bm"Bd "Em"e2|ed/c/ "Bm"B>A "D"FA "Em"GF|
| "Em"EG/A/ "G"B>A "Bm"Bd "Em"e2|ed/c/ "Bm"B>G "D"FG "Em"E2:|
||:"Em" B/c/B/A/ "D"FF/A/ "Bm"FF/A/ "Em"BG | B/c/B/A/ "D"FF/A/ "Bm"Bd "Em"BA|
| "Em" B/c/B/A/ "D"FF/A/ "Bm"FF/A/ "Em"BG | B/c/B/A/ "D"FF/A/ B/A/G/F/ "Em"E2:||

The first part was posted here before, see the
Danse Breton

# Posted on September 19th 2007 by swisspiper

For the breton circle dances It should be played at about 100 beats, for the ordinary listener it can be faster.

Learned from the group "Moyland" from nort-west Germany, but I think they have it from Alan Stivell (?)

We play it with the parts ABCD ABCD ABCD and not as AB AB AB CD CD CD as would be suggested by two tunes.

# Posted on September 19th 2007 by swisspiper

Officer Ceol at your service dear swisspiper, who luvs yuh babe? 😎

"Suite D’en Dro" ~ this be (pirate speak!) the 2nd tune of 2, AR!!!

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Submitted on September 19th 2007 by swisspiper.
~ /tunes/7732

To complete the history. Swiss has given the 1st of the pair above, twice. Sadly, as things to here, the ‘suite’ he’d submitted, #7732, went the way of such things ~ "POOF!" He had expressed fear of the tune police, and he even accused me, me hearties!!! Ar, ar, ar!!! (I know, I’m late for Pirate Speak Day) 😎 (That’s two patches over the eyes, and walking into walls…)

Hey, ease up on the aspersions, I been sick as a parrot all week. Have mercy and don’t string me up just yet…

What special skills does a pirate have?

E’s ARty!!!

Were there any Swiss pirates? 😏

Maybe I should have worded that differently ~

"What special talent is required to be a pirate?" ~ ???

Nah, that still isn’t quite right is it? You know, there is one thing that could be said of Pirates, that they talk out of their Ars hole… Nah, that’s too rude… See, I told you I was sick. πŸ˜‰

Switzerland: No pirates, here, just robbers. Nowaday more specialized in services for foreign pirates and other bandits…..
As a polite person I would have called it disoriented or confused, not sick πŸ˜‰

Hey swiss, what about ‘The Pirate Party of Switzerland’? I can just see it now, a boat load of pirates in Swiss folk costumes yoddling instead of singing sea chanties, and with those alpen horns… Oh yeah, and with the ships decorated in a Swiss fashion, like floating cuckoo clocks… Nah, maybe I’m getting traditions mixed up?

Who’s disoriented and confused? 😏

Best of health ol’ friend ~ ‘c’

SwissPirate ~

A curious thread on a curiouser forum ~

"Arrrr… we ‘ad a fondue night last week. ‘Twere a great success. All me crew sat in a circle dippin bilge rats into a pot o’ melted cheese. The entree dish of maggits on sticks went down well also.

We ‘ad to end the night early after Stumpy Bishop got all excited an dunked ‘is ‘ead in the pot. The cook’s bin grating his skull for 6 days now." ~ The Black Spot

"YYYAAARRR I thought it were only Swiss pirates what hindulged in fondu nights. It were also Swiss pirates what invented the Swiss pirate Cutlass and the Parrot Clock!
Never in the field of human digestion has so much Fish Head Stew been eaten by so few!" ~ Black bart (Bart Simpson of the dark side?)

"The problem with the Parrot Clock is that it always goes to pieces at eight." ~ Swatopluk

So, I guess there are Swiss pirates after all… 😎

I love it, wouldn’t you just know, a physicist… πŸ˜‰

An Dro suite from Quimper

I heard this An Dro played on mouth organ and guitar over 35 years ago whilst being musician at a Folk Camp in Quimper, Brittany (thus the title). It does not originate from Quimper as far as I am aware. I have been playing it ever since.
There are really two tunes put together into one set. The first 2 parts being tune no.1 and parts 3 & 4 being tune no.2.

Each tune was played twice on the occasion of hearing but no doubt number of times for each tune is up to the musician and the occasion.

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