Two recordings of
Mickey Callaghan’s Fancy
Caisleán An Óir

Mickey Callaghan’s Fancy (hornpipe) is also known as Michael Tubridy’s, Mickey Callaghan’s Fancy, Mickey O’Callaghan’s, Mickey O’Callaghan’s Fancy, Micky O’Callaghhan’s Fancy, Mikey Callaghan’s, Mikey O’Callaghan’s, O’Callaghan’s Favourite, P.J. Hayes’, Tubridy’s, Turf Burner, The Turf Burner.

Caisleán An Óir (hornpipe) is also known as Bobby Casey’s, Caisleáin An Óir, Caisleán An Oir, Caislean An Oir, Caisleán Na Nór, Caislean Oir, Caisleán Óir, Castle Of Gold, The Golden Castle.

Setting Free by Tola Custy And Cyril O'Donoghue

  1. Caisleán An Óir
  2. P.J. Hayes’

The Shores Of Lough Graney by P.J. Hayes And Martin Hayes

  1. The Golden Castle
  2. Mickey Callaghan’s Fancy