Getingen waltz

By Hans Dalfors

Also known as The Wasp.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Getingen
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
f/|:"A"e3/2d/ ^c/d/e/^f/ "A/C#"^ga|bc' "Dm"a2"C"g2|"Bb"fe/d/ "A"^c/d/e/f/ "Gm"ga/g/|fe/d/ "Bb"fe "A"e3/2f/|
"A"e3/2d/ ^c/d/e/^f/ "A/C#"^ga|bc' "Dm"a2"C"g2|"Bb"fe/d/ "A"^c/d/e/f/ "Bb"ga/g/|1 fe/d/ "Gm"fe "A"e3/2f/:|2 fe/d/ "Gm"fe "A"e3/2d/||
K: A
|:"A"c3/2c/ dd ce|"E"e3/2d/ B/d/B/G/ "E/G#"GA|"A"cc/c/ dd cc|"D"d/c/"D/F#"d/f/ "E"e3"E/G#'"d|
"A"c3/2c/ dd ce|"E"e3/2d/ B/d/B/G/ "E/G#"GA|"A"cc/c/ dd cc|
"D"d/c/"D/F#"d/f/"E"e2"A"a2|"E/G#"ge/g/ "D"fe/d/ cB/A/|"E"G/A/B/c/ "E/G#"BA "A"A2:|
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Two comments

Polska time!

Welcome to Sweden!

Of course. this is not a waltz, but a polska after Hans Dalfors, from Ore, Dalarna.

This version comes from the fiddle playing of Ola Bäckström, who (in my opinion) recorded one of the finest Swedish fiddle albums ever made (Ola Bäckstrom, Giga Folkmusik, GCD-21).

Ola is part of the English/Swedish group Swåp, and also plays with the band Virvla

A good tempo for this piece would be around 1/4=~110.

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Ah, yes, I forgot to mention…the title means translated ‘The Wasp’. Or so the booklet says…

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