Rabbit Stew reel

Also known as The Hop Of The Rabbit, Saut Du Lapin.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: Rabbit Stew
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B3A GFGB|dBGB A4|ABcB ABcd|edef e2 d2|
B3A GFGB|dBGB A4|ABcB ABcd|e2 f2 g4:|
|:gdBc d2 ef|gdBc d4|{c}d2d2{c}d2d2|edef e2 d2|
gdBc d2 ef|gdBc d4|{c}d2d2{c}d2d2|e2 f2 g4:|
# Added by Mario .
X: 2
T: Rabbit Stew
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:BcBA GFGB|dBGB A2A2|ABcB ABcd|edef e2d2|
BcBA GFGB|dBGB A2A2|ABcB ABcd|1 edef g2GA:|2 edef g2Bd||
|:gdBG d2ef|gdBG ~d3d|~d3d ~d3d|~d3d d2ef|
gdBG d2ef|gdBG ~d3d|~d3d ~d3d|1 d2ef g2Bd:|2 d2ef g2GA||
X: 3
T: Rabbit Stew
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:"G"BcBA GABc|dBGB "Am7"A4|"D"ABcB ABcd|"C"e2 f2 "D"e2 d2|
"G"BcBA GABc|dBGB "Am7"A4|"D"ABcB ABcd|"D"e2 f2 "G"g2 z2:|
|:"G"gdBc "D"d2 ed|"G"gdBc "D"d4|dDDd DDdd|"C"edef "D"e2 d2|
"G"gdBc "D"d2 ed|"G"gdBc "D"d4|"G"dDDd "Bm7"DDdd|"C"e2 "D"f2 "G"g2 z2:|
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Eleven comments

Saut Du Lapin

This lively Quebec reel comes from the album ‘Rockall’ by The House Band.

I think they got the name wrong on the album. There is actually a reel that goes by the same name, but it is a different tune.

The proper name for this tune is ‘Rabbit Stew’

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I love rabbit stew… 😉

Bribery for a name change?

Mario, you should, not that I should be pressing it, so let’s say ‘might’ instead, give the main title as it generally is taken ~ “Saut du Lapin”, and give the screw-up, whatever influence created it, or “The Hop of the Rabbit”, as the ‘alternate title’, no? ~ please? ~ with cider and stew and homemade bread? ~ and music of course, and dance, and one hell of a good hoolie?

& real fresh-churned butter? ( I’m not completely sure I can manage that last one anymore? 😏 )

Compromise ~ 😉

You’re right , ceolachan

I just changed the ‘official’ name:to ‘Rabbit Stew’.

Hmm…the homemade bread really got me…!

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Gan Ainm

Quebec reel.

Second tune of An Dro’s French Canadian Set.

Couldn’t find a name for it after searching through the database.

Re: Rabbit Stew

I have a copy of Rockwall, mentioned in the comments section & checking the sleeve notes it says that the fiddle player in The House Band learned the tune Saut du Lapin from the Quebec accordion player Denis Pepin who plays it solo on a recording by Lisa Ornstein. On track 6 of the album it’s listed as The Hop Of The Rabbit. The tune before it is called Willow Creek. Just thought I’d comment. I was on the album Rockwall & played in the band from about 1984 until our last tour in 2001 (I’m still playing music)

Rabbit Stew, X:3

X:3 - a setting with slightly different phrasing in places - esp. the up-and-down bit in the B part. Maybe that’s the eponymous jump (‘saut’). This version was picked up about 5 years ago, but I can’t remember from where.

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