The Honesty Bar jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Honesty Bar
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
dfe dAF| FEF DFA| dfe dAF| EFA ~B3|!
dfe dAF| FEF DFA| Bcd BAF| AFE E2A|!
dfe dAF| BAF EFA|dfe dAF|EFA ~B3|!
def a2 a|afe edB| dfe dAF| EDB, D3||!
M: 9/8
~B3 dAF EFA |~B3 dAF EFD|~B3 dAF EFA |~B3 dAF E2 z |!
~B3 dAF EFA |~B3 dAF EFD|~B3 dAF EFA |~B3 dBd efe||!
d2 f ~a3 edB |d2 f a2 f efe | d2 f ~a3 edB| d2 f edB DFA|!
d2 f ~a3 edB |d2 f a2 f efe | def edB AFE| DEF DEF ABc||
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I pestered Donough to write up a transcription of "The Honesty Bar" off Michael McGoldrick’s *Wired*, and here it is.

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Fantastic tune!!

As all of M. McGoldricks tunes.. This one is just pure joy to play!


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Re: The Honesty Bar

Hi im just checking is this definitely a jig?

Re: The Honesty Bar

Well, it’s one of those hybrids… The A-part in is 6/8 and the B and C-part are in 9/8. There are some tunes in mixed time signatures.