Tending The Steer With A Heavy Heart slip jig

Also known as G’ioman Nan Gamhnan ‘s Mi Muladach, G’ioman Nan Gamhnan, ‘s Mi Muladach, Gan Tae The Kye Wi Me, Gan Te The Kye, Gan Te The Kye Wi Me, Tending The Cattle With A Heavy Heart, Tending The Steer.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Tending The Steer With A Heavy Heart
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
dBB B2A BAG|dBB Bcd efg|dBB B2A BAG|eAA dBG A2e:|
B<GB g2e fed|B<GB g2e f3|B<GB g2e fed|eAA ABd e3|
B<GB g2e fed|B<GB g2e f2d|def g2e fed|eAA ABd efg||
X: 2
T: Tending The Steer With A Heavy Heart
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
|:A2 F FEE FED|A2 F FF/G/A Bcd|
AFF FEE FED|1 B2 E E2 F GAB:|2 B2 E E2 F GFE||
|:F2 D dBB cBA|FD/E/F dcB c2 A|
[2 AA/B/c dcB c>BA|BEE EF/G/A Bcd||

Twenty comments

G’ioman nan Gamhnan, ‘s mi muladach.
An old Scottish tune, published in the William Gunn collection in 1884. Great driving pipe tune. The first part is usually backed based on G while the second part is kind of Em/Bm. I think the overall tune is Bm but I’m not that chordy and stand to be corrected.

Are you sure each C is sharp? It looks like it should be in Gmaj.

Yes, the C’s are definately all sharp. It’s a highland pipe tune so is based round the notes of the A mix scale (if played on Border/Small pipes, Bb mix on the big pipes but you read in A for GHB. I know what you mean though Dow, the first part has a G feeling about it but it is a two sharps tune.

Excellent tune

I like the 2 sharps in tunes that sort of center around "G."

"Tending The Steer With A Heavy Heart" or ‘electric prod’ πŸ˜‰

Discussion: What One Octave Tunes in D exist?
# Posted on September 19th 2007 by Sarah the Flute

X: 2
T: Tending The Steer With A Heavy Heart
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
R: slip jig
K: D Major / Mixolydian
|: A2 F FEE FED | A2 F FF/G/A Bcd |
AFF FEE FED |[1 B2 E E2 F GAB :|[2 B2 E E2 F GFE ||
|: F2 D dBB cBA | FD/E/F dcB c2 A |
[1 F2 D d2 B cBA | BEE EF/G/A B2 A :|
[2 AA/B/c dcB c>BA | BEE EF/G/A Bcd ||

Whatever is sharped, there’s no way it’s ‘minor’, but if you want it closer to Bog’s transcription you could sharpen the Gs and play it as D Mixolydian….

Put the shelailigh down Bog, come on, you don’t want to do that… 😏

I’ll give you a fiver for it and turn it into a flute? You won’t get a better deal…

G#? You mean lydian, right ‘c’?

Lydian oh lydian, the bells of St. Trinian ~

Yeah, brain dead!!! I’ve just been sitting here with my mouth open and drooling, but you don’t wanna know that… I’ve very very tired…

Hey, did you ever manage to escape Easter Island? 😎

No. I tried to plonk myself back in Oz again but they wouldn’t let me back in. It’s ok - it’s not bad here. Lots of wildlife.

Now you’ll know partly why I’m in a state, I can’t believe I just submitted that last slip jig, "Looby Light" ~ 😏 I feel like someone’s been knockin’ me about…

Hey, at least there’s good fishing off of Easter. I’ll have to find my way there from Antarctica and bring some Islay malt with me if there’s any left over… Me da was there, one of the first major expeditions…

Eeeck, sharpening the G’s has to be a big nono. G#’s give the tune a wedgie. :o(

Look who’s talkin’ ~ you said all the Cs were sharp, well, that equates to all the Gs in the second transcript being sharp too… But I agree, I could feel that when you said it, OUCH! Yes, it kinda sets the tune in an uncomfortable, winceable way… But hey, we’re short of lydian tunes and in a ‘pinch’ ~ πŸ˜‰


It’s in Em to my ears, and is an adaptation for pipes of the traditional song tune Gan Tae The Kye Wi Me. There is a version in Bewick’s (Northumbrian) pipe tunes which does not suffer the constraints of the Highland pipe scale. I was never convinced by the Highland version but I didn’t realise for ages that it was because I already half-knew the Northumbrian version.

Come on Matt, give us a transcription… Don’t leave us on the edge of our seats. Sadly I haven’t go Bewick’s collection to compare this with… πŸ™

e minor? 😏

I’m with ‘c’ on this one. Bogman you gave us a Gmaj tune with C#s. Ceolachan transposed it into a Dmaj tune with G#s. That’s the same thing!

Lydian, oh Lydian and not Mixolydian…