Five recordings of Tending The Steer With A Heavy Heart

Also known as G’ioman Nan Gamhnan ‘s Mi Muladach, G’ioman Nan Gamhnan, ‘s Mi Muladach, Gan Tae The Kye Wi Me, Gan Te The Kye, Gan Te The Kye Wi Me, Tending The Cattle With A Heavy Heart, Tending The Steer.

This tune has been recorded together with An Gun’s T-Apron, The Bird’s Nest, The Clumsy Lover, Donald, Willie And His Dog, I Ha’e A Wife O’ Ma Ain, Na Ceannabháin Bhána, Would The Minister Not Dance?.

  1. Border Spirit by High Level Ranters
  2. Flower & Iron by Malinky
  3. Magaid A Phipír by Rory Campbell
  4. Pressed For Time by Finlay MacDonald
  5. The Piping Centre 1997 Recital Series - Volume 2 by John Patrick & Stuart Liddell