The Piper’s Daughter jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: The Piper's Daughter
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ddor
DED GED|~A2A GED|d2d cde|dcA AGE|
GAG GAc|ded cde|dcA dcA|GED D3|
DED GED|~A2A GED|d2d cde|dcA AGE|
GAG GAc|d2e gaa|gee dcA|GED D3|
~a2a age|ded dcA|G2A c2d|e2g geg|
~a2a age|ded dcA|dcA dcA|GED D3|
a3 age|d3 dcA|G2A c2d|e2g geg|
~a2a age|d2e gaa|gee dcA|GED D3|

Three comments

The Piper’s Daughter

From the Album ‘The Day is Well Spent’ by Waxus

is there any way i could get this tune or any other by note as i cant read sheet music

Sure, denise. Log on, find this or any other tune here and click on the "Details" tab where you may find a list of recordings that have a tune with that name that you could hear.

If you can’t find or can’t get a good recorded version, click on the "Download" tab then click on the link under the heading "Sound files" and you’ll get the midi version of the tune that you can play on your computer. Just keep in mind that you’re listening to only one person’s version of how a tune should sound and the quality of that version could be right on the mark or pitifully poor.

You could also copy the ABC file with all its headers then paste it into a converter that will create a midi file.

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