The Moonlit Grove reel

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X: 1
T: The Moonlit Grove
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
: f2 fd B2 Bd | c>dcB AF^GA | B2 de f2 ec | B2 B2 BFBd |
f2 fd B2 Bd | c>dcB AF^GA | B2 dB ecAF |[1 B2 B2 BFBd :|[2 B2 B2 Bdfa ||
|: b>bbf a2 fe | b>bbf a2 e2 | f>edc BFAc | BFAE F^GAc |
B>cBF Acec | B>cBf e2 fa | b>ffa ^g>eeg |[1 faec Bdfa :|[2 faec B2 B2 |]
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Moonlit Grove

This tune popped in my head one night when I was thinking about writing a tune for once. Hope it’s ok and I dunno if the ABC is quite right!

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Sheetmusic errors!

Yeah i though i hadn’t got the ABC quite right!

In bars 3 and 7 it should go B then D then E instead of B then E then D which is what the sheetmusic shows!

Also, bars 20 and 28 should go B F# A E F# G# A C# instead of B F# A F# F# G# A B! I’ll soon get the hang of this ABC lark!

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Love it dan!! Great job!!

Otherwise known as "Fire in the Hole", right?

Great tune!

Fire in the Hole!!

Oh yeah!!! mate i totally forgot about that!! I’ll write a piece that suits that name!

Sorry..your tune naming talents will not go to waste…there’ll be a tune along the way come half term hopefully!

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MY naming talents? That was yours! "But I don’t want to call it something stupid, like ‘Fire in the hole’, or something…."

Another good source for guidance is to check other submissions on site here. We don’t all have the same ‘technique’ and you don’t necessarily have to use the |: as the opening for your transcription…

We’ve had floods of ‘compositions’ in the past and it will likely happen again, but on the whole it is taken as being discourteous ~ toward the site and its intent, to the music, and to the rest of us who value and use this site… This is from someone who has added the occassional melody that has dropped in to take hold of me as an orphan. Sometimes I’ll adopt one and give it a home here for others to give it a go… That said, in all, my ratio is pretty high, trad to adopted orphan…

Best of luck with the ABCs and FAQs… 😉

Don’t learn your abc off ceolachan - he always makes mistakes 🙂

I always admit me weaknesses and ‘inclinations’, unlike some… 😛