Three recordings of Come Under My Dimity

Also known as A Bumper At Parting, B’fhearr Liomsa Ainnir Gan Guna, The Devil And The Bailiff, Ditherum Doodle, I’ll Take A Glass With A Friend, Jig An Da Thuistiun, Johnny D’s, Maire Rua, Maire Ruadh, Maire Ruaid, Mall Rua, The Market Stake, Maura Rua, Moll Roe, Moll Roe In The Morning, Moll Roe’s, Moll Rua, The Munsterman’s Flattery, The Night Before Larry Was Stretched, The Night Larry Was Stretched, One Bumper At Parting, Red Haired Mary, Rent In Arrears, The Salt, Sweet Molly Roe, Taim In Arrears, Though Late Was I Plump, The Wheels Of The World.

This tune has been recorded together with An Phis Fhliuch, The Cock And The Hen, The Foxhunter’s, The Old Pigeon On The Gate.

  1. Hup! by Dylan Foley
  2. Manhattan Island Sessions by Caitlin Warbelow And Friends
  3. The Drones And The Chanters Vol.2 by Various Artists