Bogs Of Shanaheaver polka

Also known as The Bogs Of Shanaheaver March, The Bogs Of Shanaheaver, Bogs Of Shanaheever, The Bogs Of Shanaheever.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Bogs Of Shanaheaver
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
D2 FA|d2 FG|A>B AF|ED de|
f2 gf|e2 ce|d>e dA|BA de|
f2 gf|e2 ce|d>e fd|BA FE|

Four comments

Bogs Of Shanaheaver (MARCH)

Source: Return To Droim by Colm Gannon
Transcription: gian marco

“The Bogs of Shanaheever” ~ probably was previously best known as the song

My youthful days are past and it makes my heart feel weary,
As I sit in the cart in the wilds of the prairie,
Hunting the deer that skip around the beaver,
While my thoughts fondly stray to the Bogs of Shanaheever.

By the cold light of the moon won’t you tell them to be ready.
Tell them to prepare and to bring on Master Freddy.
Tell them to be quick and to be very clever,
For it’s my last day of coursing on the Bogs of Shanaheever.

From the shores of Lough Oonagh to the Plains of Glenrikken,
Beneath a red sun my poor old heart is ticking.
We made straight for Letterdean, but the land it didn’t favour,
So we crossed over the mountains for the Bogs Of Shanaheever.

They have boasted in London of the trials of O’Donnel.
And young Willie Ayres praised the fortunes of Diana.
But the truth to you I’ll tell, that Diana was the favourite.
But Victor took the sway on the Bogs of Shanaheever.

On the day that Victor died, my coursing days were over,
And I sat down and cried like a broken-hearted lover.
I put Victor in his grave and I left him there forever,
And booked passage to New York from the Bogs of Shanaheever.

So it’s fare-you-well dear Ireland, and fare-you-well forever.
There is nowhere in the world I will look on with such favour.
And if ever I return I’ll come back again and see her,
And I’ll spend my days at coursing on the Bogs of Shanaheever.

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