The Mushroom Treatment reel

Also known as The Humours Of Psilocybin.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: The Mushroom Treatment
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:eA~A2 EAce|dBGB A~E3|eA~A2 EAce|ageB dega|
eA~A2 EAce|dBGB A~E3|DEGA B2ge|dBGA BAA2:|
|:eaag aged|BddA BA~A2|eaab aged|BAGE DEG2|
eaag aged|BddA BA~A2|efge a2ge|dBGA BAA2:|
X: 2
T: The Mushroom Treatment
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
|:eA A2 EAce|dBGB AE E2|eA A2 EAce|aged (3Bcd ga|
eA A2 EAce|dBGB AE E2|DEGA B2ge|dBGA BAA2:|
|:eaag aged|Bdde BA A2|eaab aged|edBA Bd d2|
eaag aged|Bdde BA A2|efge a2ge|dBGA BAA2:|
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This tune was played in my area years ago by a local band. I came back in my head few weeks ago. I just remembered the first part. I asked a member of the band to give me the second part. Has anybody more infos on this unusual tune?


Composed by Tony "Sully" Sullivan, great banjo-player from Manchester.

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Yes,composed by Sully .AKA The Humours Of Psilocybin

Urban Dictonnary

mushroom treatment : Defined as the act of your upper level management not telling you what you need to know, and anything they do tell you is not true.

Irtrad is more a rural tradition, isn’t it. So maybe dafydd is correct. Anyway both interpretation have a lot to do with BS.

Lovely tune anyway, I prefer to play it in A mix (with C# )

BS? Bachelor Of Science? British Steel? Blood Sugar? Bill Of Sale? Back Space? Bart Simpson? Boy Scouts?

BS = bovine excrement !

Or, as an old coworker put it to me one day…. We’re the mushroom crew. We’re kept in the dark and fed BS all day!