Garry Shannon’s jig

Also known as Mickey Dan’s.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Garry Shannon's
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin
"Em"~E3 BEe|"Am7"cBc ecg|"D"dcd Adf|gea ged|
"Em"~E3 BEe|"Am7"cBc ecg|"D"dcd "Bm7"Adf|ge^d e3:|
|:"Am7"bc'b ebe'|bc'b efe|"Bm7"dcd AFA|Ade fed|
[1"Am7"eBB eBB|"D"dAA dAA|"Cmaj7"GFG "Bm7"AFD|FED E3:|
[2"Cmaj7"~e3 bee'|"Am7"c'bc' e'd'c'|"Cmaj"~b3 "B7"^ae=a|ge^d e3||
|:"Cmaj7"~B3 gBg|~B3 gBg|"Bm7"~A3 fAf|~A3 fAf|
[1"Cmaj7"~B3 ~g3|"Am7"~b3 ~e'3|"Bm7"afd Adf|egf edc:|
[2"Cmaj7"~e3 ~d3|"Am7"~c3 ~B3|"C7"~_B3 "B7"~A3|GED "Em"E3||
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Two comments

This a rather unusal but beatiful jig from the playing of Gary Shannon.

I don’t have any idea who wrote it, or what the proper name is.

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Mickey Dan’s

The proper name for the tune is Mickey Dan’s. You can find it on Lose the Head. It’s a challenging and lovely tune. When you can play this smoothly you know you can play the flute. But I’d caution against learning it from the dots.