Orkney waltz

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One setting

X: 1
T: Orkney
R: waltz
M: 3/4
L: 1/8
K: Emin
B,4 EF | G4- GF/<E/ | F4 Ad | F4- FD/>D/ | E4 GA | B4- BA | d3 A- AG | F4- FD |
B,4 EF | G4- GF/<E/ | F4 Ad | F4- FD | E3 B- BA | A3 F- FD | E6 | E6 ||
d3 A- AG | F4- FD | d3 e fd | AF- F2- F2 | g3 f eg | B6 | e3 f g>e | B6 |
B,4 EF | G4- GF/<E/ | F4 Ad | F4- FD | E3 B- BA | A3 F- FD | E6 | E6 |]

Five comments

"Orkney" ~ composed and played by Gordon Gunn in 3/4 time

This is a lovely air, or if you like you could think of it as a ‘slow’ waltz. There is a different take in polka time elsewhere on this site, which doesn’t quite make ring right to me and, personally, I wouldn’t consider the same tune, whatever similarities persist. I hope, out of courtesy for the tune and its composer that this will survive… I also hope folks like it as much as I do. For a lovely rendition of it I would recommend Gordon Gunn’s own take on his tune as found on his recording "Shoreside"…

Gordon Gunn’s website, and the band’s ~

Here also you’ll find a short snippet of an MP3 of "Orkney" ~

Beautiful tune. I just ordered his CD after hearing that sample!

That brought a broad smile, seeing the increased value these submissions can have in furthering the music, for the artists involved and for your listening pleasure… 🙂

really lovely tune - I’m looking forward to working an arrangement…