Ag Argoint I Scoil Eigse jig

Also known as Scoil Egise.

Ag Argoint I Scoil Eigse has been added to 8 tunebooks.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Ag Argoint I Scoil Eigse
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
DGB dCA|G3 A3|fed CAd|GAF G3:|
|:GBd g3|gef def|CBA a3|bag e3|
dBd g3|gef g3|fed Cad|GFG G3:|

Twelve comments

Where is this tune from?

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M: ? - "-(

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Wait a minute…

… how do you make the little squigley line and the rolled eyes, thoughtful emoticon?

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Here’s the squigley ~

Hmmm… I never knew there was one of those on my keyboard. Weird.

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He wants to know who composed it.

Me too

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Right hi!

Me and my friend wrote this in scoil Eigse (hence part of the name).The ‘ag argoint’ part is because I was constantly arguing with my teacher about the right way to play OUR tune!!! whatever way she tried to play it…it sounded atrocious!! I wrote another tune and I’m contemplating putting it on ‘the session’.
should I??And martysmith_ I have no idea what your comment means as I am only 15 but if you explain ill surley help you!!
Rachel 🙂


rachel armstrong and catríona…something!!i dont actually know!!i only met her there and never really asked….twas the music that created the bond not the importance of the names!!!
but i’ll try and find out!!🙂

Ok her name was ..

catherine and she was from roscommon…lovely girl!!


haha..yee people make me laugh..Rachel Armstrong and I-Catherine Hanly(<—the girl from roscommon) composed this tune!:D..and i quite like this tune!

urgh … not reali ta my taste!! .. STATE!!!!