Oileán Na Meannáin jig

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One setting

X: 1
T: Oileán Na Meannáin
R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Ador
~A3 {B}ABd|efg age|ged GAB|dge dBG|
AGA {BAB}ABd|efg age|ged edB|dBG A2e|
~A3 {B}ABd|efg age|ged GAB|dge dBG|
ADA {BAB}ABd|efg age|ged edB|dBG ~A2d||
efg a{b}ag|e.aa gfe|dBd gdB|def ~g3|
~a3 age|Bge {f}edB|def ~g2d|1 edB ~A2d:|2 edB ged|A6||

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Oileán na Meannáin

composed by Neill Mulligan. Paired with "An Tobar Glé". See comment there.

Nice tune. Is the 2nd time repeat bar correct with the extra dotted minim? I’m playing a straight 8 bar repeat finishing on an A (dotted quaver) leaving out the triplet ‘ged’.

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‘ged’ in second time bar 8 as written here.

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The final A

I’m also thinking here that the final A is really the starting A in bar 1 of the ‘A’ music as well as at the very end.
Could you advise us Josie48

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Final A

Dear Hetty, I am sorry to have cause confusion here. The very last note in the transcription is indeed the final long A. It doesn’t appear anywhere else in the tune. The ending Neil plays is "ged" and back to the initial A. For some reason my comment "finish" has not come through on this upload. I made the transcription for Neil Mulligan’s website and here at home everything is looking quite clear. BTW, i would personally play "gdB" to lead into the initial A, I find the run "ged -> A2 a bit disrupted in the middle…
Otherwise a fine tune! Read the comments on this set on Neil Mulligan’s website www.neilmulligan.com on the Tobar Glé recording. There are some statements about Neil’s self-penned tunes sounding "old". I agree with that totally. Many newly composed tunes are catchy because of modern melodic sequences that haven’t been used in Irish Trad. These tunes here are quite different in that respect.

Only thoughts,
best wishes

Thanks a bunch for your reply Josie48 much appreciated and gratified that it upholds my thoughts on the tune. I would agree with your preference for ‘gdB’ and will carry on playing it like that.
You will probably find that a small tweek to your abc would correct the problem e.g. |2 edB gdB || A6 ||
Not sure if that is right but probably someone else might be able to help with that one. I’m only making a calculated guess.
|: might have been useful at the beginning of the ‘B’ music as well.

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