The Little Stack Of Wheat hornpipe

Also known as The Auld Stack Of Wheat, Callaghan’s, The Little Stacks Of Wheat, Old Stack Of Wheat, The Stack O’ Wheat, Stack Of Wheat, The Stack Of Wheat.

There are 51 recordings of a tune by this name.

A tune by this name has been recorded together with The Stack Of Barley (lots of times), The Kildare Fancy (a few times), The Boys Of Bluehill (a few times), The Fairies’ (a few times) and The Derry (a few times).

The Little Stack Of Wheat appears in 3 other tune collections.

The Little Stack Of Wheat has been added to 17 tune sets.

The Little Stack Of Wheat has been added to 242 tunebooks.

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Three settings

X: 1
T: The Little Stack Of Wheat
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
(3Bcd|ed (3Bcd edgd|ed (3Bcd ~e3f|gedB GABG|dBAG E2 (3Bcd|
ed (3Bcd edgd|ed (3Bcd ~e3f|gedB GABG|AGEF G2 (3Bcd|
ed (3Bcd edgd|ed (3Bcd ~e3f|gedB GABG|dBAG E2BA|
X: 2
T: The Little Stack Of Wheat
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
|:BA|{B}GE {G}DE GA BG|(3.A.c.A GA (3Bcd ef|(3.g.f.e dB GABG|dBAG E2BA|
GEDE GABG|(3.A.c.A GA (3.B.c.d ef|(3.g.f.e dB GABG|AGEF G2:|
(3.B.c.d|ed (3.B.c.d ved vgd|ed (3.B.c.d ~e2 ef|(3.g.f.e dB .GA.BG|.dB AG E2 (3.B.c.d|
ed (3.B.c.d .ed .gd|ed (3.B.c.d ~e2 ef|ge dB GA BG|AG EF G2 (3.B.c.d|
ed (3.B.c.d ed gd|ed (3.B.c.d ~e2 ef|(3.g.f.e dB GABG|dBAG E2BA|
GE DE GA (3.B.A.G|(3.A.c.A GA Bdef|(3.g.f.e dB GABG|AGEF G2|]
X: 3
T: The Little Stack Of Wheat
R: hornpipe
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
B>A | G>ED>E G>AB>G | (3ABA G>A B>de>f | g>ed>B G>AB>G | d>BA>G E2B>A |
G>ED>E G>AB>G | (3ABA G>A B>de>f | g>ed>B G>AB>G | A>GE>F G2 :|
|:B>d | e>dB>d e>dg>d | e>dB>d e2 (3def | g>ed>B G>AB>G | d>BA>G E2 B>A |
G>ED>E G>AB>G | (3ABA G>A B>de>f | g>ed>B G>AB>G | A>GE>F G2 :|

Twenty-one comments

Composed by Heinrik Norbek. A nice little tune


Um… Heinrik Norbek is a grand chap but I don’t think we can credit him with this hornpipe which is a lot older than he is, I believe.

Heinrik! You look so young for your age! What’s your secret? 🙂


I learnt thisprecisely version of ‘stack of wheat’ from Brian Gallagher at willie week some years ago.
That was beginners level, but it’s a nice tune anyhow.

Hehe…. oops

sorry, i think i put the name on the wrong tune… feeling kinda stupid… i gotta go….

Can anyone think of any tunes to put this into a set?:

as far as I am aware this is the right name of the tune. At least this is what it was called when I learned it, and I think it’s a cracking wee tune. Can anyone thing of some tunes to put it with?

Jen, this would fit nicely with the Wicklow Hornpipe (aka Delahanty’s or Delahunty’s) or Kitty’s Wedding, both in the tunes here at

Posted .

Tunes to play with Stack of Wheat

Our band does this with Off to California, they work quite well together. We usually start with Stack of Wheat and then go into Off to California.

Little Stack of Wheat

I would, being very thick, like to see a notation of this tune as played by Brady and Irvine, who didn’t seem bothered to play it as a hornpipe, for a start. Also, off my record deck, their version comes out in F sharp - very difficult for my flautist wife to follow, while I have to capo 6 frets up and play it a string down on the ‘zouk.

John Blake/Lamond Gillespie/Mick Leahy play this on the album "Traditional Irish Music from London".

Its a nice recording … and its not in "F"! So easier to accompany.

Andy Irvine/Paul Brady

The tune of the same name on the Andy Irvine/Paul Brady album is completely different from the tune posted here as far as I can make out. I’ve always known this one as simply "The Stack of Wheat" and the one on the AI/PB album as the "Little Stack of Wheat". Not sure if this last one has been posted.

Andy Irvine/Paul Brady

Their version or something similar is posted as "Bantry Bay (The Little Stacks of Wheat)".

Pat Roche’s Harp & Shamrock Orchestra paired it in the 1920s with….the dreaded (but justly favorite, I think) Boys of Blue Hill…The Boys first.

Stack of wheat

Coleman recorded this preceded by the Stack of Barley , but I have the temerity to think that they work even better the other way round.

But if you want to confuse people, go into Walsh’s Hornpipe!

Nice version; I like the staggered reruns of the <Bcd e> run in the second part:
(3Bcd|ed (3Bcd edgd|ed (3Bcd ~e …

The dubliners do this one paired with ‘the plains of boyle’. Its called the sheaf of wheat on the 40 years of dubliners album.

The Little Stack Of Wheat, X:2 (pipes version)

As learned from Neilidh Mulligan at Willie Clancy week 1980

Re: The Little Stack Of Wheat

There’s a recording of Junior Crehan, Eamon McGivney, Michael Tubridy and Tommy McCarthy playing this before The Rights of Man on the album Set Dances of Ireland Vol. 1.

The Little Stack Of Wheat, X:3

This sounds like another hornpipe that I can’t bring to mind …. taken from ‘A Fine Selection of Over 200 Irish Traditional Tunes for Sessions’, compiled by David Speers with a Forward by Matt Cranitch.