Fine Times At Our House reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Fine Times At Our House
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amix
|: EFED C2E2 | EFAF ABc2 | EFED C2E2 | ABAG FED2 |
EFED C2E2 | EFAF ABcd | ea2g e2ed | cdBc A2A2 :|
|: edcB ABcd | edef ~g2gf | edcB ABcd | ea2^g a2a2 |
edcB ABcd | edef ~g2gf | ea2^g e2d2 | cdBc A2A2 :|

Five comments

Great old tune

This great old tune is one of my all time favorite Marekin Tunes… seems to have the ethnomusicologist types stumped for an origin other than it shows up mainly in Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and West Virginia traditions and tis very old….

Irish relavance—-?? My Love is In America on the A part slightly reminds me of it, but Im curious if there’s an Irish variant.

In the USA "OldTime" scene… it is often called a "crooked" tune… (extra beats)…. Id say that traditionally, it would be more accurately described as a straight tune sometimes played crookedly. I have posted a straight version, because I don’t seem to be one who plays "crooked" tunes… Although "crooked" is "cool" right now in "oldtime", Ive found that its really the player’s preference traditionally…

Marekin? = American

Re: Fine Times At Our House

Anybody know what tuning Rayna Gellert is using for Fine Times At Our House?

Re: Fine Times At Our House

Independent sources say ADAE (so, just the G string tuned up to A)