Time Past, Time To Come barndance

Also known as Five String Scottische.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Time Past, Time To Come
R: barndance
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
|: C,2_E,G,C2CG, | C_EG_Ec3c | _B2F_B _Bd (3dcB | c2c_B G_EDC |
C,2_E,G,C2CG, | C_EG_Ec3c | _B2F_B _Bd (3dcB |1 c2c2c4 :|2 c2c2c2g2 ||
|: gfd_ef2fg | f_ecd_e2_ef | _eddc_Bc (3dc_B |
[1 c_BGFG_Bc_e | gfd_ef2fg | f_ecd_e2_ef | _eddc_Bc (3dc_B | c2c2c2g2 :|
[2 c_BGFGF_EF | GFFGG_E_EG | F_E_EFFDD_E | C2 (3C_B,_A, G,2(3F,_E,D, | C,2C,2C,4 ||

Three comments

I lie terribly. This is a scottische, not a barndance, and it’s in C minor. But I thought it would be easier with accidentals than to transpose it.

It’s written by Dave Shepherd (fiddler from Blowzabella) and the only recording I can find of it is on the CD Ashburnham by Dave Shepherd and Becky Price. As this CD is quite hard to come by, I don’t mind emailing a copy of this tune to anyone who’s interested (send me a message).

Absolutely fantastic tune, written for and played on the five string fiddle. It uses the whole range of the instrument, and is therefore impossible on a fiddle or viola.


Time Past, Time To Come

You could play it on a viola! - You’d have to get the duster out first though 🙂

Five-string or Not

Nice tune, works in G minor on violin, change octaves if you like.