Three recordings of
Sleepy Maggie

Sleepy Maggie (reel) is also known as Sleeepy Maggie, Sleepy Moggy, Small Coals An’ Little Money, Small Coals And Little Money, Small Coals And Ready Money, To The Quick.

Dinkey’s (reel) is also known as Dinkey Dorian’s, Dinkey Dorrian’s, Dinkie Dorian’s, Dinkie Dorrian’s, Dinkie’s, Dinkies, Dinky Dolan’s, Dinky Dorrian’s, Dinky’s.

Come To Dance by John Whelan

  1. The Crooked Road To Dublin
  2. Dinkey Dorian’s
  3. Sleepy Maggie
  4. The Copperplate

Just As It Was 2 by Alasdair Fraser and Muriel Johnstone

  1. Sleepy Maggie
  2. Dinky Dorrian’s
  3. Fairy Dance
  4. The High Road To Linton

Traditional Music From Cape Breton by Various Artists

  1. Pretty Marion
  2. Dusky Meadow
  3. Creignish Hills
  4. Tom Rae
  5. Dinkie Dorrian’s
  6. Sleepy Maggie