Three recordings of
Sleepy Maggie
The Fairy Dance

Sleepy Maggie (reel) is also known as Sleeepy Maggie, Sleepy Moggy, Small Coals An’ Little Money, Small Coals And Little Money, Small Coals And Ready Money, To The Quick.

The Fairy Dance (reel) is also known as Arrane Queeyl-Nieuee, Car Ny Ferrishyn, Daunse Ny Ferrishyn, Dawns Y Tylwyth Teg, Faeries’, The Faire’s, The Fairies’ Dance, Fairy, The Fairy, The Fairy, Gows, Largo’s Fairy Dance, Old Molly Hare, Quick Scotch, Snieu Queeyl Snieu, Snieu, Wheeyl, Snieu, Snieue-Queeyl-Snieue.

Just As It Was 2 by Alasdair Fraser and Muriel Johnstone

  1. Sleepy Maggie
  2. Dinky Dorrian’s
  3. Fairy Dance
  4. The High Road To Linton

Live at the Doryman Pub by Marc Boudreau

  1. John MacColl’s Farewell
  2. Colin Rankin’s
  3. Muileann Dubh
  4. Sleepy Maggie
  5. Fairy Dance

Live in Spain by Skyedance

  1. Sleepy Maggie
  2. Tail Toddle
  3. Fairy Dance
  4. Maggie’s Pancakes
  5. The Bulgarian Bandit
  6. Cape Breton Symphony’s Welcome To Shetland