Three recordings of
Sleepy Maggie
The Ale Is Dear

Sleepy Maggie (reel) is also known as Sleeepy Maggie, Sleepy Moggy, Small Coals An’ Little Money, Small Coals And Little Money, Small Coals And Ready Money, To The Quick.

The Ale Is Dear (reel) is also known as Elisa Dear, Elsie Dear, Lady Margaret Stewart, Lady Margaret Stewart’s.

Dancing Fingers by Jennifer And Hazel Wrigley

  1. Ale Is Dear
  2. Sleepy Maggie
  3. All The Ships Are Sailing

Inspired by Give Way

  1. Are You Sleeping Maggie?
  2. The Ale Is Dear
  3. Sleepy Maggie

Stepping On The Bridge by Hamish Moore

  1. A.A. Cameron’s
  2. Calum Crubach
  3. The Devil In The Kitchen
  4. The Ale Is Dear
  5. Tail Toddle
  6. Sleepy Maggie