Cúl Na Gréine reel

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One setting

X: 1
T: Cúl Na Gréine
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
eA~A2 (3Bcded|BG~G2 dG(3Bcd|eAeg fd~d2|fdfa gafg|eaag a2(3gfe|deBe dBGB|~A3c BG(3Bcd|edef g2fg:|
|:eceg fd~d2|cA~a2 ge~e2|b2ag ~e3g|~f3a gafa|gefd cA~a2|a2ed ceG2|~A3c BG(3Bcd|edef g2fg:|

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From Emer Mayock: “Merry bits of timber”, but what does this title mean?

Google is great in these situations

Cúl Na Gréine

There is a place in leitrim that goes by this name. It is anglicized as Cooligrain or Coolegreane. It means ‘Nook of the Sun’ or ‘Back of the Sun’.


We have a townland nearby that goes under the name: Coolasnaghta or the ‘corner that holds the snow’. And it is a north facing high valley.

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Cúl na Gréine

Indeed even without google those of us with a smiggin (smigín) of Irish knows cúl means a crook/-hook/corner we’ve LOTS of various (féile na … ) cúl-s here in Waterford as every (part of a)field used to have a name. Cúl na Mara - Cúl na Sméir - Cúl na mhadra -Cúl na gort etc etc.Cúl na Gréine is in fact the name of a new housing developement just 2km from me in Cappoquin and well named if I might say.
Just like our own townland name name Glenribbeen - Glenribín ..the vally of the little threadlike stream. I LOVE it.
ps if anyone wants some info on other townland-names I’ll do my best to answer coz It’s a hobby of mine to check ’emout.
- Dún …. Fort off / Carrig … Rock off/ Lios/Lis … raised fort (ie manmade) on the conflunence of two rivers. Boston (Englishsh*te for) Moínán na glicán ..the little bog of the scull. Facinating eh??

Cúl Na Gréine (reel)

Hey Who stuck that feckin’ * in my honest assessment of what the sassacknacks.