Mr. Brennan’s Psychological Problems reel

Also known as Mr Brennan’s Psychological Problems.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Mr. Brennan's Psychological Problems
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Bmin
FB ~B2 ~f3 g|fedf edBA|FB ~B2 FBdf|edBA ~ B3A|
FB ~B2 ~f3 g|{g}fedf edBA|FB ~B2 FBdf|1edBA ~ B3A:|2edBA B2ba||
|:bffe ~f3 g|fedf edBA|bffe ~f3g|e{f}ede fa ~a2|
bffe ~f3g|fedf edBA|FB ~B2 FBdf|1edBA B2fa:|2edBA B3|]

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Mr. Brennan’s Psychological Problems

Transcribed from Gráda: Endeavour, 2nd tune in Track 10 - which consists of 3 reels:

- The Champion
- Mr. Brennan’s Psychological Problems
- Snow Leopard


It’s sort of like the Musical Priest but not as well-written.

Yet another bloody awful new tune.Bring back musical Darwinism!

Musical Darwinism?

Well, weighing all the pro’s and con’s of newly composed, sometimes heavily "constructed" tunes, to me the aim of this database - for the existence of which I am very grateful (despite all its flaws) is making literally everything(!) that can be found in our favoured musical genre available in sheetmusic to a the global community. If we’d stick to Sally Gardens and the old tunes - that I also mostly prefer, btw - we wouldn’t really need a database, would we?
Therefore I find destructive comments without further details (why do you think, is this tune so awful…..?) a little bit offputting and not really helpful for others.


Survival of the fittest, right? Let’s see if this reel will become more popular in ten years. I bet it’ll be a fossil.

I doubt it - you can still see fossils.

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Thanks for the transcription Josie!

We play this as:

- Glen Kabul
- Donegal Highland (minor version)
- Mr. Brennan’s

Not ten years yet…

…but I heard this one being played for the first time yesterday and I liked it very much, so it is not yet dead, let alone fossilized.

There may be old tunes like the musical priest or sweeny´s buttermilk that have some similar qualities, but one of these two tunes must have been there before the other one. So either the musical priest or sweeny´s buttermilk has been "Yet another bloody awful new tune." at that time. Right now both are alive and well and I enjoy both every time I hear them.

Re: Mr. Brennan’s Psychological Problems

bravesentry, Sweeney’s Buttermilk was composed by Brendan McGlinchey, who’s still alive and kicking, AFAIK. So that makes it "yet another bloody awful new tune" as well ;-)