Majofis reel

Also known as Ma Yofus, Tantz, Tantz, Yiddelekh, Tantz, Tantz, Yidelekh.

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Majofis
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmin
"A"A=B^cd efed|^c2 A2 "Dm"d3d|"A"e2de gfed|^c2 e/f/e "Dm"d3d|
"A"A=B^cd efed|^c2 A2 "Dm"d3d|"A"^cedc "Bb"BA"Gm"GB|"A"A2 AE A3E:|
|:"A"A2 ^c2 c3 c|"Dm"A2 d2 d3 d|"A"A2 ^ce Acec|"Dm"defg gaa2|
"A"A2 ^c2 c3 c|"Dm"A2 d2 d3 d|"A"^cedc "Bb"BA"Gm"GB|1 "A"A2 AE A3E:|2 "A"A2 AE A3d||
|:"F"fg a2 a2 af|"C"gage c3A|"Am"cdef "Bb"gabg|"Am"a3f gfef|
"Dm"d2 f2 "F"f3 f|"A"efe^c A3 G|A=B^cd "A7/C#"efec|1 "Dm"d2 d^c d3d:|2 "Dm"d2 d^c d4||
|:"A"AB^cd efed|^cAce "Dm"d2 cd|"A"e^cAe gece|dA^ce "Dm"d2 cB|
"A"AB^cd efed|^cAce "Dm"d2 ed|"A"^cedc "Bb"BA"Gm"GB|"A"A^GAE A3E:|
|:"A"AE^cE AEAc|"Dm"d^cdA dFA^G|"A"AB^ce Acec|"Dm"defg agfe|
"A"^cEAE cEAc|"Dm"d^cdA dFAd|"A"^cedc "Bb"BA"Gm"GB|1 "A"A^GAE A3E:|2 "A"A^GAE A3d||
|:"F"fga^g abaf|"C"gage c2 cA|"Am"cdef "Bb"ga b/a/g|"Am"a^gaf =gfef|
"Dm"defe "F"f2 fd|"A"efe^c A2 A^G|AB^cd "A7/C#"efec|1 "Dm"d^cdA d3 d:|2 "Dm"d^cdA d4||
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X: 2
T: Majofis
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Amin
EF^GA BcBA|^.G2GE A2A2|B2B2 dcBA|^.G2GE A3E|
EF^GA BcBA|^.G2GE A2A2|^G4 FEFD|1 E8:|2 E6G2||
cde2 e2e2|dedB G3G|GABc defd|e8|
ABc2 c2c2|BcB^G E3E|EF^GA BcGB|1 A6G2:|2 A8||
E2^.G2 E2^.G2|A2A2 dcBA|^G2G2 AGAc|B2e2 e4|
E2^.G2 E2^.G2|A2A2 dcBA|^G2G2 FEFD|E8||

Ten comments

Here is something for the lovers of eastern European music (and I do know that there are some).

This Freilach is a Klezmer piece from the Ukrainian part of Galica, and something of a hit as well.

We brought it back from a trip to the Interceltique festival in Lorient, Brittany, back in 1998.
Way out of the Lorient center, at the outskirts of twon, there was this rather scruffy bar…(and I never remembered the name of the place).
Dubious as it looked, this was where the real action happened!
Besides meeting and playing with Josie Marsh and many others, we also ran into this weirdo called Sam, who taught us this tune (as well as another whacko piece).

A week or so later, back at the ranch, it immediately became a big hit at the German session scene.

The name we were first given was ‘Majofis, and to be honest, we never found out what it meant.
There’s another name that’s maybe a little better know: Tantz, Tantz, Yidelekh.

The ABC consists of two parts:
The first is the tune how we learned it way back when (more or less, that is), the second part is a variation I came up with.
When we learned the tune, it had already passed through the hands of many session-hardened musicians from Brittany and Ireland, which had given the tune a slight atlantic twist. My variation tries to give the tune even more of a Reel feeling (real feeling?), without taking the eastern element ouf of it.

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This is to Michael, Claus, Georg and Klaus: Puxa Asturias! 🙂

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BTW: Claus Steinort (who was the first to learn and play the tune in Lorient) works real magic when he plays the piece on his flute. Mesmerizing! If you ever meet him (in Ireland, the States or wherever), ask himto play this tune!

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In the first part, or rather, ther ‘original’ version, you can play the Bb flat instead of the B natural, giving an even stronger eastern feeling to the music. This is how it’s played in the Klezmer tradition. The version with the B naturals is just the version we brought back home from Brittany.

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Oops…had to fix some typos in the ABC…

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Tanz Yidelekh

T:Tanz Yidelekh
S:Burning Bush - Best of Yiddish, Klezmer and Sephardic Music
Z:gian marco pietrasanta
EF^GA BcBA|^.G2GE A2A2|B2B2 dcBA|^.G2GE A3E|
EF^GA BcBA|^.G2GE A2A2|^G4 FEFD|1E8:|2E6G2||
cde2 e2e2|dedB G3G|GABc defd|e8|
ABc2 c2c2|BcB^G E3E|EF^GA BcGB|1A6G2:|2A8||
E2^.G2 E2^.G2|A2A2 dcBA|^G2G2 AGAc|B2e2 e4|
E2^.G2 E2^.G2|A2A2 dcBA|^G2G2 FEFD|E8|

Ma Yofus

Means: How Nice.
It’s a tune which russian zarist troops back then in 19. century would force and mock the klezmorims (folkmusicians) to play whenever the soldiers met them in the countryside. It was for long "banned" or disliked because it´s symbolised oppression of jews. Nowadays it is played with no such "extra feelings"

Klezmofobia (a danis band) plays it on "Live on Loppen"

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OOps!!! It is a DANISH band. (not something you eat!)

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Majofis (or Ma yofis, to avoid mispronounciation of the j)

To the linguistically interested: this means "how beautiful you are" (in the East-European dialect of Hebrew).