Three recordings of a tune named
If I Had A Wife
With a tune named
Tripping To The Well

If I Had A Wife (slide) is also known as Art O’Keefe’s, The Humours Of Mount Collins, The Humours Of Mountcollins, I’ll Paddle Me Own Canoe, I’ll Paddle My Own Canoe, Mad Dancing, Paddle My Own Canoe.

Tripping To The Well (polka) is also known as Chris Droney’s, Jack Doyle’s, John McKenna’s, Killoran’s, The No. 9, The Well, Trip To The Well.

Clear The Dresser And Take The Floor by Emerald Ceili Band

  1. Tripping To The Well
  2. Art O’Keefe’s
  3. Maggie In The Woods

Heat Of The Moment by Pierre Schryer And Ian Clark

  1. Cuz Teehan’s
  2. Tripping To The Well
  3. Art O’Keefe’s

The Blue Fiddle by Seán Smyth

  1. Jamaica Jam
  2. Tripping To The Well
  3. Art O’Keefe’s