One recording of
Paddy Ryan’s Dream
The Macroom Lasses

Paddy Ryan’s Dream (reel) is also known as Aisling Pháidín Uí Riain, Miss Grant Of Laggan, Miss Lyall, Miss Lyall’s, Miss Lyle, Miss Lyle’s, Mooney’s, Mooney’s Favourite, O Cuinneagain’s Downfall.

The Macroom Lasses (reel) is also known as Farrel O’Gara’s Favourite, Farrell O’Gara’s Favourite, Hilary’s Choice, The Lasses, Last Night’s Fun, Macroom, Macroom Lass, The Macroom Lass, Macroom Lassies, The Macroom Lassies, The Macroom, The Macroon Lasses, Old Joe Sife, The Well-Humoured.

The Flow by Chris Leslie

  1. Paddy Ryan’s Dream
  2. The Inimitable
  3. The Macroom Lassies