One recording of
Paddy Ryan’s Dream
Seán Sa Cheo

Paddy Ryan’s Dream (reel) is also known as Aisling Pháidín Uí Riain, Miss Grant Of Laggan, Miss Lyall, Miss Lyall’s, Miss Lyle, Miss Lyle’s, Mooney’s, Mooney’s Favourite, O Cuinneagain’s Downfall.

Seán Sa Cheo (reel) is also known as Jack In The Fog, John In The Fog, John In The Mist, John Of The Fog, Johnny In The Fog, Lough Island Castle, Lough Isle Castle, The New Lough Island Castle, The New Lough Isle Castle, Sean In The Fog, Sean In The Mist, Sean Na Cheo, Seán Sa Ceo, Seán Sa Cheoidh.

Across The Black River by Kevin Burke And Cal Scott

  1. The Boys Of The Lough
  2. Master Crowley’s
  3. Sean Sa Cheo
  4. Reel Of Rio
  5. Paddy Ryan’s Dream
  6. The Wind That Shakes The Barley