Two recordings of
Paddy Ryan’s Dream
Calum Breugach

Paddy Ryan’s Dream (reel) is also known as Aisling Pháidín Uí Riain, Miss Grant Of Laggan, Miss Lyall, Miss Lyall’s, Miss Lyle, Miss Lyle’s, Mooney’s, Mooney’s Favourite, O Cuinneagain’s Downfall.

Calum Breugach (strathspey) is also known as Calam Breugach, Callam Breugach, Callum Breugach, Callumbrauch, Calum Breuagh, Calum Breughach, Calum Brogach, Calum Brouche, Calum Brougach, Calum Crubach, Lying Malcolm, Malcolm The Liar.

Edge of the Bow by Seán Heely

  1. The Waulking Of The Fauld
  2. Calum Breugach
  3. Miss Lyall’s
  4. Darling Annie

The Music of Cape Breton, Vol. 2 - Cape Breton Scottish Fiddle by Various Artists

  1. Angus Ronald Beaton
  2. Calum Breugach
  3. The Duke Of Athol
  4. George The Iv
  5. The King’s
  6. Miss Lyle’s