One recording of
Planxty Irwin
John O’Connor

Planxty Irwin (waltz) is also known as Capt. John Irwin, Captain John Irwin, Col. John Irwin, Colonel John Irwin, Planxty Capt. John Irwin, Planxty Col. John Irwin, Planxty Colonel Irwin.

John O’Connor (jig) is also known as The Belfast Allmanack, Belfast Almanac, The Belfast Almanac, The Bellfast Allmanack, Planxty Connor, Planxty Mrs. O’Connor.

Music of O'Carolan - Ireland's Bard by Butch Baldassari & John Mock

  1. Planxty Irwin
  2. John O’Connor
  3. Lord Inchiquin