Lugum Leik reel

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Two settings

X: 1
T: Lugum Leik
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Cmaj
A,2|D2 ED C2 C2|D2 F2 A2 c2|cBAG B2 Bc|1 A2 AF D2:|2 A2 A4 cB||
|:G2 G4 AF|D2 D4 FD|[M:6/4] C2 C2 E2 EF D2 DF|[M:4/4] A2 A4 cA|
G2 G4 AF|D2 D4 FD|C2 C2 E2 EF|1 [M:6/4] D2 D2 D2 FA A2 cA:|2 [M:4/4] D2 D2 D2||
X: 2
T: Lugum Leik
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Ador
E2|A2 cB G2 G2|A2 c2 e2 g2|g2 fd f2 g2|e2 ec A2 E2|
A2 cB G2 G2|A2 c2 e2 g2|g2fd f2 g2|1 e4 e2:|2 e4 e2 gf||
|:d2 d4 ec|A2 A4 cB|G2 G2 B2 Bc|[M:6/4] A2 Ac e2 e4 gf|
[M:4/4] d2 d4 ec|A2 A4 cB|G2 G2 B2 Bc|1 [M:6/4] A2 A2 A2 ce e2 gf:|2 [M:4/4] A2 A2 A2||

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I don’t really know much about this tune, I just had the music lying in my room. It’s written by Hans W. Brimi, a fiddler and farmer from Norway. I don’t think the key signature is right so if anyone could correct me on that?

So is that enough of a reason to post it to a website dedicated to Irish music ?

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Sorry but I’ve seen Swedish tunes posted on here as well, not just Irish.

I didn’t ask what else was posted here. The question stands.

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Creathana, I’mm all with you, but you’d better be careful…

I just posted a Swedish Polska, and look what that triggered:

Kenny: believe it or not, my very first taste of Swedish music I got at a session during the Drumshanbo summer school some years ago. And it wasn’t played by swede, mind you! Granted, it wasn’t Tommy Peoples who played it, either… 😉

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Keep ’em honest, Kenny.

I’m surprised the boss bothers converting these tunes into sheet music….

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I play and listen to a lot of Swedish and other Scandinavian music. I lived in Sweden for 7 years, still travel there very frequently and still speak Swedish fluently. I have posted 2 very nice Danish waltzes, but I come here looking for Irish session tunes – increasingly rarely owing to the volume of dross and nonsense that gets posted. I know where to find Scandinavian stuff when I want it.

“I don’t really know much about this tune, I just had the music lying in my room” – exactly why you shouldn’t post it.

Om ni inte kan svenska, låt bli med svenska / norska låtar!

I would agree that it is perhaps not the best post bearing in mind the knowledge the poster expresses of the tune. It does appear though, looking at the recordings attached to this tune that it has at least made its way over to Scotland and entered the repetoire of some of the fiddlers here. Lauren is certainly a traditional fiddler of the highest order. It doesn’t make it an Irish tune certainly and I am not saying I am about to learn it but it is easy enough to give it the bum steer if you want to.

Actually, you get the dots and midi files.

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I’ll just say like others, please DON’T submit other tunes than irish (or celtic tunes) IT IS A SITE FOR IRISH MUSIC. If the tunes not are Irish (Celtic), they should be composed ‘in the irish tradition’ sound. You can find whatever music else, whereever on the internet.

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Heard it all before

So long as the tune would fit into a session - irish or otherwise - i dont mind having the tune on this site.

I actually heard it on Lauren Maccolls Cd which is full of other tunes you may hear in a session. She plays it with a reel she found in a book from Shetland, not an Irish tune but also not another Norwegian.
I didnt actually know anything about til I posted it and it occurred to me that it was on her cd at which point I found out that it was on her cd. And as I am aware there is no delete button for a tune? Therefore I couldn’t delete it once had posted it. So sorry for any “upset” that I’ve gone and caused.

That came out so muddled :S

Creathana, it actually makes sense to play nordic tunes with Shetland and other northern Scots tunes, because those areas have been heavily influenced by nordic music and culture. But that doesn’t mean they fit right in to a typical Irish session.

Don’t worry about deleting this tune–if the web master didn’t want it here, he would’ve erased it long ago. It’s his call.

But please make yourself useful ( 🙂 ) and post some Irish tunes, or even some of the Shetland tunes off MacColl’s cd. Do more of that, and people won’t mind so much the occasional tune from further afield.

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Non-Irish tunes

I generally use the search function or the recording-listings to find tunes, so I don’t really mind that much. If a member here plays a tune that he or she likes and is played in his or her session, post it.

Jag kan svenska, så jag kjör hårdt!

I love it when other kinds of tunes get posted / played at sessions – I have posted non-Irish tunes myself. But increasingly this site has gone from a useful resource to a dumping ground for whatever-you-fancy tunes (and “discussions”) with no indication that the tune gets played regularly at the local session or indeed that the “poster” knows much about the tune or can actually play the tune more than enough to work out the ABCs. Maybe this particular session should be by invite only! Snorre - akta stavningen!


This is what it says on the first page:

“Welcome to The Session
The exchange of tunes is what keeps <<<TRADITIONAL IRISH MUSIC>>> alive. This website is one way of passing on jigs, reels and other dance tunes.
Some of the tunes are well known, and some are more obscure. It’s this mixture of the familiar and the new that makes for a good session.”

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LongNote: I do agree, sometimes I just get a little “förbannat” over the whole thing, Maybe the site is to big? Maybe this session should be invite only. Thanks for a polite reply anyway.

I still stand on the search thing though, so all the tunes (non-Irish or not) I am not interested in , don’t really bother me as a user, cause I very rarely see them.

Anyway, after all the nonsense, this is a halling.

Nice tune too 🙂

Re: Lugum Leik

Lugum Leik is a little great tune and I love it. I usually play it in Amin.

Lugum Leik, X:2

Source: Hans Brimi
Composer: Hans Brimi
Transcription: gian marco pietrasanta

Re: Lugum Leik

Well said Gian Marco. It is a great little tune.

All the rest of this anal retentive crap, even though most of it is more than 10 years old, is precisely why I no longer post to this site.

Good music is good music people.

Get over it