Shipley’s reel

Also known as Shipley’s Hornpipe.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Shipley's
R: reel
M: 4/4
L: 1/8
K: Dmaj
|:fe|d2de dfaf|edef efge|dcde dfaf|edcB ABcA|
dcde dfaf|edef efge|fgaf bgec|d2d2 d2:|
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Not Irish I know but Northumbrian and I could not resist adding it to the list of Shipley tunes. I’ve just noticed another from Dow.
This is a good Rant (not a reel) and one which I use frequently in a set of two with ‘The Morpath Rant’ (version ? of many)
Shipley’s can be found on page46 of ‘The Charlton Memorial Tunebook’

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Shipley’s Hornpipe

This is another of Robert Lightfoot’s tunes see my comment on your version of the Bees Wing/.—Other tunes include Horsley Lasses (page 2 of CMB): Mr Sharpe’s Quadrille{page 9 of CMB) :and from Book 3 of the NPTB :The Candle Stick (page 4): Five O’Clock in the Morning (page5 a jig):The Steam Plow :and Harlow Hill Lads on page 31.

Thanks Alex for your comment. I had forgotten there were more NPTB’s I’ve only got the first book, circa 1970. Don’t suppose the others are easy to get. I’ve added Robert Lightfoot’s name to the tune in my working tune book.
Interesting that many ‘hornpipes’ are played un-dotted throughout England. e.g. "Jessies Hornpipe", "Worcester Hornpipe", "Shooter’s Hornpipe", "Hereford Hornpipe", "Dorsetshire Hornpipe", "The Gloucestershire Hornpipe" and many more. all of these I play regularly and without swing.

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You can change it to hornpipe if you want to by using "edit details".

Hornpipe with dots??

No! I do not want to and it would be wrong to do so. To play most of the "hornpipes" here mentioned with a dotted rhythm (presumably that is what you mean?) would spoil them as tunes. I’ve already tried that and it feels wrong.

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No, that’s not what I meant actually. Doesn’t matter…

Had a feeling I’d got it wrong Dow. In retrospect I realise that you were possibly suggesting I gave the tune its ‘Hornpipe’ tag as it is in the CMT. My apologise for being a little thick on that. However let’s hope that some might gain something from my blundered comment. Cheers to you.

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I’m just trying to remember what I meant myself 🙂

Hmm, I think I meant that if it’s classed as a hornpipe in the book, and it has those distinctive hornpipe endings, but you play it straight like a reel, then it’s probably one of those "sailor’s hornpipes", rather than one in that "dotted" Newcastle style. Are you familiar with the terminology relating to the different types of hornpipe playing style like the "sand dance", for instance? I’m pretty sure that this would fit into the "sailor’s" category.

Yea! Understand our point. Interesting that those distinctive "hornpipe" endings are found in Rants and some Polkas also.

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