Jim McGill’s polka

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One setting

X: 1
T: Jim McGill's
R: polka
M: 2/4
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
D>E GA | BA/B/ dB | AE ED/E/ | GE EG |
D>E GA | BA/B/ dB| AB/A/ GA |1 BG GE :|2 BG G2 ||
ge ed/e/ | gA A2 | GE ED/E/ | GE E2 |
ge ed/e/ | gA A2 | AE FG | AG G2 |
ge ed/e/ | gA A2 | GE ED/E/ | GE EG |
D>E GA | BA/B/ dB| AB/A/ GA | BG G2 ||
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Jim McGill’s

First of 2 polkas I’ll post, both compositions of “Ptarmigan”, although I think they both would pass as traditional if I hadn’t told you. Nice, simple wee tunes, although there are slight echoes of other polkas in a few of the phrases. Dick might be willing to tell you more than I know about Jim McGill, whom I believe was a popular musician in Co. Antrim.
Thanks to Dow for checking the transcription – I’m still a bit shaky on the polkas.

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Don’t mind if I do Kenny! 😉

Jim McGill was born in the townland of Ballinlea, which lies half way between Ballycastle and Bushmills, in the Causeway Coast region of north Antrim.
He was a fine country Fiddler, and realising that no one was passing on the skills of Traditional Music to the younger generation locally, he decided to set about the task himself.
For many years he taught kids from all around Ballinlea, Ballintoy & Ballycastle, visiting them in their own homes and passing on the music he loved so much, in order that others would still be playing, when he was not around to Fiddle for the local Ceili, Concert or Pub Session.
Sadly, Jim is no longer with us, but many of the kids Jim taught still play, and all are the richer for having had the the privilage of his tutoring, and the pleasure of his company.

Jim McGill - North Antrim Fiddler

"I composed these two Polkas in memory of Jim McGill, a North Antrim Fiddle player, who taught numerous youngsters around Ballycastle the joys of playing Traditional music. ~ Jim’s work inspired me to start my own school of music in Ballycastle, to fill the huge void left by him. " - Dick Glasgow

Jim McGill: http://www.mcgills.me.uk/jim_mcgill.htm
Local Heroes: http://www.causewaymusic.co.uk/localheros.html

Jim McGill School of Music: