Dance Of The Riverwoman slip jig

Also known as Riverdance.

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One setting

X: 1
T: Dance Of The Riverwoman
R: slip jig
M: 9/8
L: 1/8
K: Emin

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Added because I saw a request for it… I’m not sure how this could be considered an Irish tune really. I will verbally abuse the first person who asks me to transcribe the last part of this tune(not the middle part that sounds like it’s from a video game. Not that I don’t like it, but it just doesn’t sound like a tune to me.), because I have tried to and attempting to figure out the time signature of that part was just…gah…. My guess is the last part alternates between 7/4 and 8/4… I think. Hopefully this will be good enough for whoever requested it…. If not, I might keep trying to get the rest but we’ll see.

No you’re ok, I don’t think you need bother with that last part eh?

The SET …..


That’s only the second part of 4 or 5………….where’s the 1st, 3rd, 4th (and 5th)????

Especially the 3rd which is a lovely reel………..

Why wouldn’t it be Irish ?

It’s a beautiful piece combining modern and trad. that put us back on the Map….

Come on go for it, I’d love the full set in my TB


So! is this tune really called ‘Riverdance’

If this tune here is part of a set of tunes written especially for ‘Riverdance’ then does it have it’s own specific name? considering that there are other tunes in different rhythms. They too possibly have vtheir own identification. Put them all together and you can possibly call it "The Riverdance Set". Perhaps JosephofCK you could do the mammoth task of transposing the lot and give each part the title ‘Riverdance 1’, ‘Riverdance 2’ etc.etc.
Does anyone out there know of any titles for the different tunes involved? If so can we have them?

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Verbal abuse on its way??

I’ve broad shoulders and can take it!

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The rest of the tune


Don’t worry the PO faced wouldn’t be caught dead admitting to reading this………..let them sulk while we get the goodies ……..LOL.🙂

To be honest I have not listened to Riverdance in a long time. I think almost everyone was very impressed with it when it came out. I know I was. I think it was just the antics of Flatley and the constant spin off shows from it that put everyone off it. It stopped being ‘ok’ to like Riverdance.

If you actually listen to the music in the Youtube clip it is great. Anuna are brilliant and the different tunes running through it have real energy and excitement about them. It would be nice to get the actual name of this tune though.

This is the second part? I have "Riverdance (Reprise)" which starts with the harp as a slip jig. The vocal part I consider like an intro (an amazing intro that is…), but not exactly a tune… P.S. When I said "I will verbally abuse the first person who asks me to transcribe the last part of this tune", I was actually kidding… It’s just hard to transcribe that part of the tune because of the weird time signature.

Er… That last part actually seems more like 6/8 maybe… Or does it still change?

Give It A Go ‘jo’

Give it a go JosephofCK. it’s worth the challenge. I’ve tried recently to write out a slow air in such a way that it looks as it sounds. Took ages but I "didn’t arf lern a lot"

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Not the name

the name of this song is not riverdance. It’s part of the riverdance set though. The first is Cloudsong, (the song); the Dance of the Riverwoman, (this slip jig); Earthrise, (the hardshoe solo); and lastly RiverJig, (a treble jig of sorts).

Riverdance Set

If you could transcribe the rest of the set it would be brillant. I love listening to and watching riverdance. To be able to play it would be fantastic. Can’t transcibe music myself but would love to learn it. Other than that if some one could tell me where I could get the music.

The last part when the entire dance troupe is out the time signature is 12/8. Right after Michael Flatley’s solo when Jean Butler comes back out, the pipes play a similar tune that alternates between 6/8, 4/4, and 2/4.

This is an almost perfect transcription but it should be played an octave higher.

Fiddler101 here is a link to where you can buy the officially published music from the show…

P.S. I have the book that how I know the time signatures.